What is the Most Stable IPTV Service for 2018 and Beyond?

By | December 29, 2017

If you are searching for the most stable IPTV service then you've probably experienced freezing before. This new system could be the best for 2018.​

There's a lot of IPTV suppliers and most of them claim to be the best. However, this isn't the case but you don't know until you try. That's why it's important to have a FREE Trial.

Some IPTV providers don't give out FREE trials, which doesn't exactly instill confidence. If they don't offer a trial then they're obviously not confident about their service.

Having a stable service is very important and I would rather have less channels with less freezing than 1000's of channels that freeze all the time.

We have teamed up with a hosting company who provide channels from several countries including UK, USA, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia. That sounds a lot but the focus is on quality not quantity.

For example, the Gold Package has channels from UK, USA, Ireland and Italy but it only amounts to just over 275 Live channels. But wait until you see the VOD content (video-on-demand). It's pretty awesome.

Why Choose IPTV?

​IPTV comes in various formats. It all amounts to the same thing - TV delivered over an internet connection. In years gone by it wasn't really feasible to watch TV like this, the data transfer rates were too slow.

Check out the video below. This was published in 2010, we have come a long way since then.

With the introduction of broadband fiber optic and faster transfer rates, it's becoming more popular. Some of the broadcasting companies are even switching to IPTV instead of more expensive cable and satellite services.

Here in South East Asia, a lot of companies provide their systems using IPTV. It's a good way to keep costs down and if you are an expat you are probably looking for your favorite UK or US channel when you are overseas.

This is another reason why people look at an IPTV service as a solution.

What's available with the TV packages?


International Channels

We have channels from all over the World. Choose from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Live Sports


Choose from Live Sports including football, NFL, Golf, Formula 1, Darts, Snooker, Basketball, Horse Racing, Cricket, Rugby, Athletics, MotoGP.


Video Club

We have more than 72,000 titles to choose from. Select from Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Boxsets, Sports, A-Z, Oscar winners, Highest rated, etc.


Audio Club

With more than 350 Albums there is something for everyone. We have the latest albums plus golden oldies and a good selection of all genres.


Customer Support

We have a Support Team with years of experience who will be able to handle any technical issues that arise. Generally, once you are set up you are good to go.


Value For Money

We regularly have Special Offers where you can get discounts or offers on various packages. When you compare to a cable TV subscription you will be able to save money.


Global Service

Our service will work Worldwide. That means if you are going on a business trip or moving to another country, you can take your box with you and still get the same access.



Choose from 100's of karaoke songs when your friends are round. Get into the party spirit with contemporary sounds and golden oldies.


Radio Club

Fed up watching TV? You can choose from 100's of radio stations and keep up to date with your favorite music from your favorite radio channels.

IPTV on a MAG TV Box


Using a MAG TV box is the best way to watch an IPTV service. This is because it's much easier to use and you can access content that may not be available on other devices.

Most IPTV suppliers have a catch up feature which allows you to access recorded programs that are ready to watch on-demand.

This new IPTV service offers a 14 day catch up service on most channels. You can also access VOD content that includes 72,000 movies, TV shows and boxsets.

The MAG box is easy to set up. In fact, all you have to do is add the Portal URL and you are off and running!


With this IPTV service you can get a 2 day FREE Trial. You are under no obligation to continue once the trial has expired. 2 days is enough time to check out the quality.

If you are happy with the service you can choose a package that suits your budget or system. This service is supported on Android/iOS and MAG Boxes.

It doesn't work in the UK and it cannot be used with an online browser like Chrome. It also doesn't work with Kodi. For Android/iOS users, the StalkerTV App should be installed from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Once that is done I can give you the FREE Trial with your login details.

The Packages

You can choose from any of the packages below. We only have one package for Android/iOS and it contains 552 channels and access to the VOD content.

The Scandinavian package includes 100+ channels from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and there are added to Silver, Gold or Platinum as an option.

The packages can be purchased from our Online Store.


Wrap Up

I hope you found this info of some use. At the very least you should try the 2 day FREE Trial, you have nothing to lose in that aspect.

I have found this new IPTV service to be very stable using a 30Mb/s connection but it will work on lower speeds. There is also a Low Internet Speed section that caters for low speed connections.

There will be Special Offers on a regular basis so if you sign up to our newsletter we will keep you notified as soon as the discounts become available. Your email address will be protected and never shared with anyone.

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  1. manesh

    Hi Craig, does this work through a browser or do I need to get a MAG box?

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Manesh,

      It’s available on Android, MAG box, iOS and Smart STB TV App. It won’t work in a browser I’m afraid. Let me know if you want more information or a trial.


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