What is the Best IPTV Subscription for 2018 and Why?

By | January 23, 2018

​With these new TV platforms it's not all about the number of channels. The best IPTV subscription should be judged on several factors but stability is one of the most important. You should also consider the Customer Service and Support. I believe I have found the best for 2018.​

IPTV​ (internet protocol television) is fairly new technology but it is fast-becoming a very popular way to deliver TV channels to subscribers Worldwide.

There are many IPTV providers to choose from including ACE IPTV, Rocket Streams, NTV, SoftIPTV, to name a few. But we have teamed up with a relatively new hosting company and their service is proving to be very popular.

My old supplier was NTV and for a while their service was very good. However, they started having problems with their credit card merchant and a lot of customers started to leave.

This forced me to look at alternatives and I tried several different IPTV providers before I found one that could replace NTV with the same quality. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was overall a better product and cheaper too.

Consequently I have now joined forces with them to bring you a quality TV platform that can easily replace any cable TV subscription. We also offer 2 day trials.

Best TV Choice


​It's all about choice and giving the customer what they want. This IPTV platform has everything and more. You can also get access to a low internet section which is great for users who may be restricted by their internet speeds at home.

This section includes live sports channels and other popular channels like BBC​, ITV, etc. It means you will have a more stable​ broadcast which uses lower bandwith.

This means you won't be subject to continual freezing and can enjoy the live broadcast. This is especially important if you are watching live sports.

There is a also Subtitles section with access to popular channels with subtitles like BBC1, BBC2,  ITV1, ITV2, BBC News and Sky News, etc.

Biggest and Best Video-on-demand

​Imagine having full access to 72,000 titles to choose from, ready to watch whenever you want? You can select from Movies, TV Shows, Boxsets, Documentaries, the list goes on and on.

This on-demand library is constantly updated on a daily basis. New episodes are added when they come online. You will never be stuck for watching your favourite TV shows.

This VOD content really impressed me and was one of the deciding factors for signing up with my host. Plus, they don't have 1000's of meaningless channels like some other IPTV providers.

Watching live TV with an IPTV subscription like this is far better than using some of the free apps like Kodi or Mobdro. With these apps you have to use a VPN to bypass restrictions. That's not the case with this TV platform.

IPTV Catch Up

​The 14 day catch up​ is available on most of the channels. The popular ones are definitely covered. The catch up service is only available on the MAG box or Smart TV App.

This is a great feature if you are in a timezone that doesn't suit live sports. For example, I am in South East Asia so the time difference means that I miss certain sporting events that are on too late.

The catch up means I can watch it the next day or whenever I want in a 14 day period. This feature is not available on Android or iOS devices.

What's available with our TV packages?


International Channels

We have channels from all over the World. Choose from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Live Sports


Choose from Live Sports including football, NFL, Golf, Formula 1, Darts, Snooker, Basketball, Horse Racing, Cricket, Rugby, Athletics, MotoGP.


Video Club

We have more than 72,000 titles to choose from. Select from Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Boxsets, Sports, A-Z, Oscar winners, Highest rated, etc.


Audio Club

With more than 350 Albums there is something for everyone. We have the latest albums plus golden oldies and a good selection of all genres.


Customer Support

We have a Support Team with years of experience who will be able to handle any technical issues that arise. Generally, once you are set up you are good to go.


Value For Money

We regularly have Special Offers where you can get discounts or offers on various packages. When you compare to a cable TV subscription you will be able to save money.


Global Service

Our service will work Worldwide. That means if you are going on a business trip or moving to another country, you can take your box with you and still get the same access.



Choose from 100's of karaoke songs when your friends are round. Get into the party spirit with contemporary sounds and golden oldies.


Radio Club

Fed up watching TV? You can choose from 100's of radio stations and keep up to date with your favorite music from your favorite radio channels.

The video below shows this IPTV service on a Smart TV using the Smart STB app over a wireless connection. I apologize for the poor quality on the video, it was taken on my Smart Phone.

Packages and Prices

There are several packages available to suit the following platforms:

  • check
    MAG TV Box
  • check
    Samsung and LG Smart TV
  • check
    Android Devices
  • check
    iOS Devices

The Android/iOS subscription costs €16.95 and gives access to 525+ live TV channels Worldwide. To use this service you must download and install the StalkerTV App from the Play Store or iTunes Store.

This app is by Infomir who also manufacture the MAG TV boxes. It should be the fully paid version and not the Lite version. On the U.S. iTunes Store the app costs $5 to purchase.

The MAG and Smart TV subscriptions start at €19.95 for the Bronze package. The Silver package is our most popular and gives access to 215+ live channels plus full access to all the VOD content. Silver package costs €24.95 p/month.

Annual subscriptions are also available. All prices available on request. If you would like a complete listing of all the channels please contact me.


Mag 250/254/256 Boxes


These boxes are designed for delivering TV over the internet. They can be purchased online from various stores but Amazon have a good selection.

Be aware that some of the earlier models may not have built-in wireless so if you are planning to use your WiFi then you would have to use a wireless dongle and attach it to the USB port.

Otherwise, just purchase one with built-in wireless. These boxes are usually suffixed with a w1 or w2 like this - MAG256w1.

Wrap Up

I am here to help you with any questions you may have. Don't be shy in contacting me, I can guide you through any installation and help you get set up.

If you think this isn't the best IPTV subscription I would be glad to hear your recommendations. No IPTV service is 100% perfect but I like the various features that this one offers.

Please leave all comments below 🙂

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  1. J Walsh

    Could you please send me a complete listing of all channels, and the costs of packages for one month and annually.
    I already have a Mag 256w1 box.
    Thank you

  2. fernglow

    I have been looking for iptv subscription for some time now and because of the many choices there is, I am quite confused.
    However, after reading your article, I have a better idea of what to look out for and I’ll be giving your free trial a try.
    Thanks for writing this article and found it really useful! 🙂

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi, that’s good to know. Just send me details of the system you are using. If Android or iOS please install Stalker TV App by Infomir then contact me and I’ll send you more details.

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