Watch UK TV Live With Premium Channels And 14 Day Catch Up

By | October 17, 2017

​If you are fed up with online streaming sites and looking for a way to watch UK TV live, check out my quality recommendation for viewing UK TV abroad.​

I am a UK expat who has lived outside of the UK since 1997 and since then I have been searching for the best ways to get British TV channels overseas.

I struggled for a long time and relied heavily on poor quality streaming sites that promised a good service but always failed to deliver. Plus, I always had to watch on my laptop or try and connect it to my TV. Not ideal is it?

You may or may not have heard, but you can now get high quality live TV channels on a TV box and connect it to your TV via the HDMI cable. It's super easy to use and you don't need high speed internet, although the faster the better.

I have been using this service since July 2016.

I no longer have a cable TV subscription and with NTV (my IPTV provider) there is no contract. You can choose to pay month by month or pay upfront for 6 months. I was previously with a cable provider called Astro, here in Malaysia.

I was paying more than I do now and I couldn't get any UK channels.

What Do You Need?

​There's a few options available and all of the major platforms can be used to view the live TV channels. If you are interested in using the Catch Up feature, you will need a MAG TV box.

These are easy to use and it's a simple case of connecting it to your HDMI port on your TV. There is a very small configuration which involves adding the portal address of my IPTV provider.

If you choose the MAG box option you will also be able to view the channels on other devices or platforms like Android or even watching online with an internet browser. Check out my short video below showing the MAG box in use.

If you are not interested in the Catch Up feature, you could opt for this service on an Android TV box. Once again, it's a simple case of connecting to your TV via a HDMI cable.

To use this service on an Android device you will need to download a STB emulator from the Google Play Store. There are free to use so there is no extra charges. I use Matrix Brower on my Android devices when I am outside of my apt.

First, Register For Free With NTV

Before choosing your package, you can register with NTV and browse their packages. If you register through my link below I can give you a Free 3 Day Trial and you can test their service before buying.

If you don't have your TV box yet, you can still register now and once you get the TV box just contact me for your Free Trial. I always try to respond asap.

Please note: if you live in Spain you have to register with NTV's sister company, called White Label. This only applies to Spanish residents. All other countries outside of UK should register with NTV.

I have customers from all over the World, including USA, Middle East, Australia, South East Asia and Europe. This service doesn't work in the UK.

Which Channels Are Available?


The English package will give you access to 200+ TV channels from mainly UK, USA and Canada. They do have a few other channels from other countries like Ireland, Australia, but not so many.

From the UK you can choose from the Sky Sports channels, BT Sport, Sky Movies, Sky One, BBC channels, ITV channels, Sky News, Dave, Nat Geo, etc.

From the USA and Canada you will get access to NFL Network, NBA TV, CBS, HBO Movies, TSN Sports, CNN, etc. The full list of channels for each package is available on NTV website.

The Catch Up feature is not available on all channels but it covers the popular ones and each program is recorded for the previous 14 days. 

Pricing Plans For All Packages

The cheapest English package starts at €14.95 and can be used on all platforms except the MAG TV box. The English package for the MAG box starts at €29.95 per month.

They also have other pricing plans designed to suit your preference. When you get the free trial you get access to the Ultimate package which you can try for 3 days.

After your 3 day trial has expired it's a simple case of logging back on to the NTV website and choosing your package. They currently take Visa and MasterCard for payment.

Alternatives for UK TV

​If you are not prepared to pay for an IPTV subscription there are alternatives which are free. You can use Kodi or Mobdro to access premium channels but if you are in the UK these streams may be blocked.

Since the new laws were passed in British and European courts, your ISP is obliged to block any servers that contain illegal streams. 

One way of getting around any geo-restrictions is by using a VPN. A free one will not be up to scratch since they will have less servers and probably limited bandwidth.

My recommended VPN provider is PureVPN and with more than 1 million customers Worldwide, they are one of the biggest and best out there. Plus, by following my link you can get a subscription for only $3.25 per month. The promotions do change so please keep that in mind.

Wrap Up

If you are still unsure why not sign up and at least try the free trial? You have nothing to lose and you can check out all the live UK TV channels for yourself. If you have any question please contact me or feel free to leave any comments below.

Proprietor at UK TV Services Abroad
I am a UK expat who has lived overseas since 1997. I started this website to help fellow expats who are trying to watch UK TV abroad. I built this website for free with the help and support of a wonderful online community. Click here if you want to read my profile. It's free to join and you can build 2 websites for free.

2 thoughts on “Watch UK TV Live With Premium Channels And 14 Day Catch Up

  1. Sukumar Thingom

    This is interesting! I mean, to be able to watch the UK TV channels online is an exciting prospect. Never knew it was possible beyond the grainy visuals of the online streaming sites. Thanks for the information. I’m tempted to try one for myself. In fact, I was talking about this with a friend who told me he’s got this TV Box, the one you’re talking about (I think). Now, I’ll find out if there are ways to watch TV channels of other countries too.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Sukumar,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the online streaming sites are not up to much! With my IPTV service you not only get UK TV channels, but also channels from USA and Canada.

      If you are in a different timezone the catch up service also helps with being able to watch the British programs at a later date, or the next day after the TV show has aired.

      Good luck and let me know if I can help further.


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