Watch Snooker on BBC Live and On Demand Worldwide in 2018

By | March 7, 2018

If, like me, you're a big snooker fan then you're probably searching for ways to watch snooker on BBC especially if you are not in the UK. BBC iPlayer is blocked outside of UK but I will show you a couple of easy ways to get the snooker live, plus there is also a catch up service included.

Snooker has always been very popular in the UK but it now has a global fan base. Unfortunately, not all countries are prepared to broadcast it so if you're overseas the best way to watch it is by accessing the BBC.

It's not so easy to do this now since the BBC decided to restrict their service to the UK only. Most people know that a decent VPN will bypass any geo-restrictions and allow you to access iPlayer etc. but there is another easier way which you can also used to replace any cable or satellite system.

Plus, it has a 14-day catch up on BBC and other channels.

Snooker on the BBC


The 2017/2018 season is well underway at the time of writing but you can check the full snooker scheule by clicking here and plan ahead for the next season.

Watching Live

When I discovered an IPTV service in 2016 I decided to start this website to share with fellow expats. Prior to that I had been using a VPN and trying to watch sports on Kodi​.

If, you're not familiar with Kodi it's a free TV app that can now be downloaded from the Play Store​ and if using an Android TV box you can connect to your TV via HDMI.

It has its limitations of course but when you are overseas it can be difficult trying to access UK TV.​ A VPN will also help with bypassing geo-blocks but trying to watch the BBC channels​​ live isn't so easy.

However, an IPTV service can be used to access UK channels without the need for a VPN. The service I am going to tell you about will work anywhere in the World except the UK.

You will get access to channels from UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Scandinavia, etc. But if you are overseas the biggest benefit is the catch up.

Watching on Catch Up

The catch up is something that is of great benefit if you are in a different timezone. I live in S.E. Asia so the time difference is GMT +8 hours (currently). This makes it difficult to watch live snooker sometimes.

But with the catch up, I can wake up next day and watch it any time I want. All the programs are automatically recorded and stored on the servers, whether you want to watch them or not.

They remain there for 14 days and then start to get replaced with newer programs. Accessing the catch up is easy. You simply press the right key on the remote and it opens up a nice EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

From here you navigate to the day you want and scroll through to select the recording. You can also download programs but there's not much need when you have a 14-day catch up like this.

Free Trial

There is also a 2-day Free Trial which you can use to test it for yourself. The system can be used on a MAG TV BoxSmart TV (Samsung and LG only), Android and iOS devices.

For Android/iOS you must install Stalker TV App by Infomir from the Play Store. It must be the official paid version and not the Lite version otherwise it won't work.

Internet Requirements

Most IPTV providers will recommend a minimum speed of 2Mb/s but I would suggest you have at least 10Mb/s to avoid instability. If your internet speed is too low you won't have a good experience and may experience occasional freezing.

I always recommend hard-wiring directly to your router. This will create a more stable IPTV service. If, would like to try the service just contact me to request a free trial.

Pricing Plans

This IPTV service isn't free but remember, this will be your main TV system. When I subscribed in 2016 it immediately replaced my cable TV subscription​. I was paying approx. $50 to $60 p/month for channels that I didn't even watch.

Prices start at €16.95 p/month for Android/iOS. For MAG TV box and Smart TV prices start at €19.95 p/month. Full pricing plans are available on request.

Other Ways to Watch

Using a VPN

​A decent VPN subscription will allow you to access BBC iPlayer abroad​ and you will be able to catch up on the Snooker. The free VPNs won't work for various reasons. They have limited servers and can be very slow.

Plus, most of them offer limited bandwidth per month which is impossible for streaming. There are some that have unlimited bandwidth but the quality is still poor compared to a VPN subscription.

When you use a VPN it's a simple case of connecting to a UK server. Once you are connected you will have a UK IP address and be able to access any content in UK that is geo-restricted.

I use PureVPN and you can now get a UKTVSA special price of only $1.91 p/month. If you use this VPN in the UK you will also be able to access any servers that are blocked for Kodi addons.

Best VPN Deal of the Year
from PureVPN + UKTVSA

$1.91 per month

Join the global community of 1 million plus users. This number is a testament to our dependability, availability, & the level of trust that people have on PureVPN.

Watching on Kodi

​Kodi is great if you are outside of UK and struggling to get live streams for BBC content like snooker, football, etc. but with any free service it has its limitations.

Before I discovered an IPTV subscription I was using Kodi (or XBMC as it was called then). It was quite frustrating because it buffered​ a lot and sometimes I would spend hours trying to find a stream that worked.

There are millions​ of users still accessing third-party streams on Kodi but it is increasingly difficult to use it in the UK unless you have a VPN. The UK ISPs are now obliged to block anyone trying to access servers that host material subject to copyright.

Of course, if you are in the UK trying to watch snooker then you won't have any real need for Kodi. But expats overseas can use Kodi to watch the BBC live. The live streams have improved a lot over the years but it still can't compare to an IPTV subscription for quality. Plus, there is little or no catch up unless you search through 100's of replays.

My favorite Snooker Moment

​I grew up watching snooker in the 80's when guys like Alex Higgins, Steve Davis, Ray Reardon, Willie Thorne, Dennis Taylor, Jimmy White and Cliff Thorburn were around.

Then came guys like Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan to change the face of snooker and how it was played. In the old days it could be quite tedious especially when Terry Griffiths was at the table but the new guys changed all that.

I enjoyed watching Alex Higgins a lot and then Stephen Hendry when he came on the scene but there's one moment that stands out for me over the years.

1985: Dennis Taylor wins the World Championship

The man from Northern Ireland was a very popular player but had never won the World Title despite being a great player. In 1985 he met Steve Davis in the Final and it produced one of the greatest comebacks ever! 

Not to mention the finale! There's not many snooker matches that go down to the black ball especially in a World Championship Final. Poor Dennis was done 0-8 before he managed to claw it back to 17-17.

Steve Davis had plenty chances to clinch it but it was Dennis that prevailed to clinch one of the best finals ever.


Wrap Up

If you are an expat overseas then I hope this article has helped you find a watch to watch snooker on BBC either live or on catch up. If you sign up to our newsletter we will keep you notified of special offers and discounts. We never share your email address with anyone.

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  1. Roopesh

    I tried the VPN route to watch BBC snooker but as you mentioned, it turned out to be very slow and frustrating,

    I like the fact that the alternative that you suggested offers one a free trial. That way, I won’t feel committed if I am not happy with the service.

    Just reading up on that snooker story you mentioned between Taylor and Davis got me all excited.

    Thanks for an awesome read.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Roopesh,

      You won’t be disappointed if you take the trial. It’s a great system for watching the snooker on BBC when you are overseas plus the quality of the picture is second-to-none.

      It’s not true 4K but it’s definitely HD quality.

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