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By | October 26, 2017

If you are abroad you can watch Sky Sports Main Event live and also on Catch Up with an IPTV service. Discover the options available in this article.

Sky recently changed the names of their sports channels which can be quite confusing especially since live football can be on the Main Event channel and also on Sky Sports Football.

Quite why Sky decided to change the channel names is unclear but you can now watch all of them live and on catch up with my #1 recommended IPTV supplier.

This article will outline the best options for you with flexible pricing plans for different packages.

Why use IPTV for Sky Sports?


Shout it from the rooftops!

We no longer have to rely on rubbish online streaming sites to watch Sky Sports abroad. With an IPTV service you can get a high quality picture with no buffering and straight on your TV.

I struggled for years trying to watch live football abroad, but in 2016 a friend introduced me to an IPTV subscription and I never looked back. I even canceled my cable TV in Malaysia.

Previously I would try to watch a live stream online or using Kodi but it was painful to the point where I would give up trying to watch it. An IPTV service has dedicated servers that offer more reliable streams.

How is This Possible?

The continuous advancement of data transfer and increased delivery speeds over the internet means it is now possible to watch media content with better quality.

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is now being used as an alternative to satellite or cable TV. This is good news for us consumers because it keeps costs down.

What Do You Need?

If you want to watch Sky Sports on your TV, you will need a streaming media player unless you own a Smart TV. If you have a Smart TV you can download a STB emulator and use that instead. I use Matrix Browser for my STB emulator and MX Player to play the actual content. 

For those of us who don't have a Smart TV, we will need to use an Android TV box or MAG TV box. Other devices are compatible but these two are the most popular.

Internet Requirements

This is the most important part of the jigsaw. Since we will be delivering TV over the internet, it's important to have a fast and stable connection. My IPTV provider recommends a minimum speed of 3Mb/s but I would suggest that's a little low.

I always recommend a minimum of 10Mb/s and it should be hard-wired via Ethernet cable rather than using a wireless connection. This gives a more stable and faster end product.

Android TV Box

With this platform you can install a STB emulator from the Play Store and connect to the IPTV server. You can get access to all the live TV channels but that is all. You cannot access any VOD content or the 14-day catch up service.

However, subscriptions are less and it is the cheapest way to watch Sky Sports with my IPTV supplier. See below for pricing plans.


This is a Linux based media player and the specs are less than some Android devices. However, these boxes are solely designed for IPTV and offer a better interface once you are connected.

The menu is super easy to use and you can get access to the 14-day catch up channels and all the VOD library content. However, the MAG Box subscriptions are more than the other subscriptions that can be used on Android boxes. All pricing plans are below.

NTV: My Preferred IPTV Service

NTV are based in Gibraltar and have been around since 2012. They offer remote services but they do have an online chat for any technical or sales issues. If the live chat is offline you will be able to send them a message.

I have used several other IPTV providers who also have Sky Sports Main Event included in their packages but I always revert back to NTV. You can find other cheaper IPTV services but what is the point if the picture freezes a lot?

NTV are the most consistent service that I have found so far. They are not the cheapest but the quality is good with fewer issues than the other providers.


Most other IPTV suppliers that offer a free trial will only give you 24 hours. With NTV you can get a full 3 days to test their service before choosing a package.

To get the free trial, all you have to do is register an email address and password and then either contact me or get in touch with NTV for the trial. To get the trial you must register through the link below or I won't be able to set you up.

You have absolutely nothing to lose! If you don't have an Android box or MAG box, you could even register for the free trial and access the live TV channels on their website using your laptop or PC!

Prices and Packages

Once your trial has expired you will need to log back onto their website and choose a package. There is no contract and you can pay month by month. Subscriptions start at only €14.95 per month for the English package giving you access to all the channels.

They have different packages to suit your preference. I subscribe to the English package on my MAG Box which gives me access to 200+ Premium channels from UK, USA, Canada, etc. It's not just the Sky channels that are available.

The English package for the MAG TV box starts costs €29.95 per month but if you sign up to this service you can also use it on another Android device.

One MAG subscription can only be used on one MAG box, it can't be used on another MAG box. I have my MAG box in my main living room and I have an Android TV box in my bedroom.

This means I can access all my TV channels on one subscription. So for €29.95 I can watch in my main room and also in my bedroom.

Alternatives for Watching Sky Sports Main Event

There are alternatives out there which are free and will give you access to Sky Sports. However, since they are free you will find the quality is lacking.

As I mentioned previously I used Kodi before to watch live streams. Another one is Mobdro which offer a similar thing to Kodi but with less flexibility. Mobdro will select the best server for you whereas Kodi will let you choose a link.

Both of these free apps are under scrutiny in certain countries like UK, USA, Canada, etc. and in the UK the ISPs are obliged to block any servers that show Sky Sports Main Event and other channels that are subject to copyright.

Getting Past Server Blocks

As always, I recommend using a good VPN if you plan to use either Kodi or Mobdro. This will hide your identity from prying eyes and allow you to access content that may otherwise be restricted.

For only a few dollars per month it will allow you to use free services if this is your preferred way of watching. PureVPN is the provider that I use and if you click on the link below you will be able to get their premium service for only $3.25.

Wrap Up

The NTV service is not available in the UK and their MAG box service is blocked. I am not in the UK so I cannot try their other packages like the English package on an Android device.

But if you are searching for ways of watching Sky Sports Main Event then I am guessing that you are overseas anyway. If you want any more information please contact me. I am here to help.

And please leave any comments below 🙂

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