Watch Rangers v Celtic Live in Season 2017/18 with No Buffering

By | August 11, 2017

The Old Firm. The greatest rivalry in football history. Discover how to watch Rangers v Celtic Live with these live streaming options. Never miss a match.

For as long as I remember I have been trying to find live streams for the Old Firm games. It’s not been easy with all the junk sites on the internet that offer streaming for free.

There was a short period of time when I was in Indonesia and there was a channel called Goal TV which showed the SPL games, but that didn’t last long.

I have lived overseas for more than 20 years and it has been a constant struggle trying to watch Scottish games but that all changed in 2016.

I live in Malaysia now and I have access to all the UK Premium channels that show the Rangers and Celtic games, plus all the other British games.

Never miss another game.


I’m not going to recommend trying to watch it on a website that offers live streams. These are awful and littered with adverts that pop up on the screen when you are trying to watch a game.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you found malware on your PC after being on these streaming sites. It’s okay having Adverts but these are plastered all over the screen.

JustinTV used to be one of the best but that is not much good now. The options I am going to give you are the best available and you can choose a free or paid method.

1. IPTV subscription for UK TV

An IPTV service is best for UK TV and prices start from €14.95 / month. This will give you access to all of the channels that show the Scottish games. Sky Sports, BT Sport, etc. are all available.

When I found out about this service I canceled my cable TV package in Malaysia which only showed the English games.

Different Time Zone? No Problem.

I live in Malaysia so the time difference can be a problem trying to catch the games. But with NTV (my IPTV supplier) I can watch any games I’ve missed on Catch Up the next day.

I wouldn’t miss an Old Firm game but there are some other games that are on at daft o’clock here and I usually won’t stay up for these midweek games.

Channels that are included in this 14 day Catch Up service are Sky Sports 1 & 2 and BT Sport 1 & 2 so that pretty much covers the SPL games.

Still a bit unsure? Again, No Problem.

NTV offer a Free 3 Day Trial so you could try it out before deciding to buy a package. There is no contract and you can choose to pay monthly or every 6 months.

I prefer to pay monthly because if their service is ever affected by quality issues then I don’t have to extend it. I have been with them for 1 year and not had any issues so far that has made me switch supplier.

I have tried other IPTV suppliers free trials out of curiosity and there are many to choose from but I have always been let down by the quality. In my experience NTV are one of the most consistent and stable.

Which Platforms are Supported?

You can watch NTV on any of the platforms below. The MAG TV box subscription is the only platform that gives you the 14 Day Catch Up so please keep this in mind.

  • Android
  • MAG TV
  • Web browser
  • iOS
  • Kodi

In my experience the best quality is watching the games on a MAG TV box. This is connected to your TV via HDMI and it’s just like watching TV in the UK.


There’s an easy to use menu and you can access the recorded programs from here too. If you use NTV on an Android or iOS you need to install an emulator.

You can also watch on Kodi but I found the IPTV emulator on Android to be better than the NTV Kodi add-on. If you have an Android TV box you can connect it to your TV but the MAG boxes are still a better option with Catch Up.


Prices and Packages

NTV have a decent range of packages available. I subscribe to the English package at €29.95 / month and this gives me access to more than 200 channels. They have an Ultimate package for the MAG box that includes Scandinavian channels and this is priced at €39.95 / month.

  • English €14.95 / month, 200+ channels, Web, Kodi and IPTV emulator
  • English €29.95 / month, 200+ channels, Web, Kodi, IPTV emulator and MAG box

They have other packages shown below but these 2 packages are the only ones you will need for the Rangers and Celtic games. A full list of all the packages is shown below.


Where can you watch this?

The MAG box subscription is only available outside of the UK I’m afraid but the other packages may work. The MAG service is blocked in the UK and if you are found trying to access it you may be banned.

Check out my video below which shows the service working in Malaysia. You can see the quality of the streams and how easy it is to access all of the channels.

What are the Internet Requirements?

This is the good news. NTV recommend 3Mb/s for SD and 5Mb/s for HD channels. They have a good selection of both Standard and High Definition, but I would recommend a higher speed. If you have fibre optic even better but it isn’t required.

I don’t have fibre optic in Malaysia but my internet speed is 30Mb/s and it works fine. You do not need a VPN to use the MAG box and there isn’t an option to add a VPN client on the box either.

How to get NTV

If you would like a Free Trial for 3 days the first thing you must do is Register Free with NTV. Once you have done that you can get the Free Trial. You can register any time and you don’t have to wait until you buy a MAG box.


If you are planning on buying a MAG box you will have some minor set up to do once you get it. NTV have an online chat and they will give you the portal URL address to add to the box.

If they are not online (they operate on Euro time zone GMT+1) you can contact me by email and I can help you get a Free Trial and set up your box. My email address is on my Bio below at the end of the article.

The other way you can watch the Celtic and Rangers games is free but not as stable.

2. Free TV app for UK TV

There are several free apps that offer free TV but the best are Kodi and Mobdro. Either of these offer live streaming for channels that show the Old Firm games.

Mobdro is not as popular as Kodi but it offers another option. You don’t have the option to choose a link though and Mobdro will automatically stream the best channel link for you.

There’s a lot of legal issues surrounding these apps at the moment but Kodi is being targeted more by the UK’s National Trading Standards. They are even trying to get Kodi banned completely.

I doubt this will ever happen since Kodi is just a tool to access content and it’s akin to a PC or laptop which can also access any live streams that may be considered illegal.

Using Kodi for Live Streaming

Kodi is a bit more complicated when it comes to finding live streams and if you install it from the Play Store it will only add a basic version of Kodi with no add-ons.

The best way to get the channels you are looking for is to add a custom Kodi Build. This will add a featured selection of add-ons and it is more than you will ever need.

Check out Option #3 on my other article which explains in depth how to add a Kodi Build.

A Word of Caution

If you do intend using either of these free apps you should be aware that big brother is indeed watching all of your online activity. The Snoopers’ Charter put paid to that!

The best and only way to protect your identity online is by using a good VPN but you want one that doesn’t retain any data logs. PureVPN are one such company that take your anonymity seriously and you can get a subscription for only $2.95 / month if you sign up for 2 years.

==>How to use a VPN with Kodi or Mobdro<==

Note: Mobdro TV app cannot be downloaded from the Play Store so you will have to sideload that from the APK file. Read more about Mobdro and how to install it on your device.

Wrap Up

These options are just a couple of alternatives to live streaming sites and this will allow you to watch Rangers v Celtic live Worldwide. NTV have completely revolutionised how I watch TV now. If you would like to enter our Free Prize Draw please enter your email address below. It’s Free to join and this month you could win a VPN subscription.

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