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By | November 1, 2017

I lived in Texas so I know how frustrating it is with the time difference. With this system you can watch the Premier League in USA Live or on Catch Up.

If you are Stateside and trying to watch the EPL there's a few options available to you. Back in 2002 when I lived in Houston, our options were very limited.

These days you can watch all the matches on NBCSN who have the exclusive rights for all the Engish Premier League games this season. But being in a diffefrent timezone poses its own problems.

Sometimes you may not be able to watch the game live so imagine if you had a 14 day catch up service that allowed you to watch the game the next day or within a 2 week period.

Plus, imagine if you could get access to all the Sky Sports, BT Sports channels. No need to imagine because you can now get all of the above with an IPTV subscription. Plus, you can have a 3 day Free Trial to test it for yourself.

Still interested?

26 years of the EPL

​Last season was the 25th year since the EPL changed it's formation. Hard to believe. I still remember the old format when it was divisions 1 to 4.

In May 1992 the first division clubs resigned from the old football league and kicked off the new English Premier League. Man Utd were the first team to win it but who can forget Blackburn Rovers in 94/95 season? Incidentally, Man Utd have won it 13 times which is 50% of the total seasons! 

Back in the day the pitches were like ploughed fields. Nowadays it must be like playing football on a bowling green. The money involved now is astronomical and billions watch live premier league games all over the World.

Watching Soccer with Uncle Sam

I loved living in USA and I had a great 2 years there. But the commentary for the soccer (okay let's call it football from now on) could be a bit annoying. In those days we couldn't get quality streaming over the internet.

I had to wake early, in some cases 5am, to try and catch the early game live. I also had to drive approx. 30 miles for the privilege! Not any more. Wake up when you want and watch it with the fully recorded catch up service.

Of course, if you are a big football fan like me you will probably still get up at daft o'clock to watch the games live but it's nice to have the catch up option.

The hardware and system I am going to tell you about is also mobile so you could take it with you on your travels or access your account online from another platform.


NBC Sports Network for EPL games

This may be how you watch the games just now. You can get live streaming with a NBS Sports Gold package but these can be quite expensive. NBC announced that for $50 you could get access to 130 live games.

But what about all the other games? All has not been revealed. You also need a cable TV subscription to get full access to everything. A match Pass won't be enough. And round and round we go.

Sling Package for EPL games

Sling TV is an American OTT (over-the-top) service owned by Dish Network. They give you streaming access to American TV channels and were previously called Sling Television.

A Sling Blue or Sling Orange account will give you access to streaming channels but there is no catch up here. Sling Orange is the entry level package and costs $20 with access to 28 live channels. No access to NBCSN with Orange,

Sling Blue gives you access to 43 live channels and costs $25. Neither of these have the Sky Sports or British premium channels so you will be restricted with one of these packages. The Blue package gives you access to NBCSN.

How to Watch EPL Games without Cable

Trust me, I've been in your shoes. Stop messing around with American TV and do the best thing for YOU. For only €29.95 per month you can get access to 200+ live TV channels and a 14 day catch up service with IPTV.

No more cable TV contract, no more subscriptions or upsells, no more additional TV passes. An IPTV service is pay as you go. There is no contract. You pay month by month or you can purchase more if you want to get a discount.

Plus, my IPTV provider also has a video library with 100's of movies and TV shows which is regularly updated. Together with the catch up channels that's 1000's of VOD content right there!

You can use this system as your main TV system. I live in Malaysia and this is how I watch TV! It's absolutely genius and has been a Godsend.

Note: You cannot access NTV in the UK.

Internet Requirements

Here's the good news. My IPTV supplier recommends 3Mb/s for SD streaming and 5Mb/s for HD streaming. They have a limited amount of HD channels for Sky Sports.

I don't like to recommend anything less than 10Mb/s but that's not a lot these days. In the U.S. I'm pretty sure you have faster speeds than that? My internet speed in Malaysia is 50Mb/s (not fiber optic) and it works great. Prior to that I had 30Mb/s and it was fine.

I can watch a live Premier League football match on Sky Sports with no buffering. You may get the occasional flicker, but it's generally very consistent with good quality streams. Plus, you do not need a VPN to use this.

Hardware Requirements

​To get access to the catch up you need a MAG TV box. Any other device can get the live TV channels for the EPL games but only the MAG box gives you the video library and catch up.

A MAG box is a Linux-based system designed to deliver TV over the internet (IPTV). It doesn't do much else but it handles IPTV very well. It also uses a simple and user-friendly menu so it's a bit like watching cable TV.


The EPG includes all the catch up channels too so you can access everything from the same menu. To view the catch up program, simply press the righty button on thr I/R remote and scroll to the recorded program. All programs are recorded and stored on the server.

Another way to watch the live TV channels is on an Android TV box connected to your TV. In order to do this you need to add a STB emulator like Matrix TV Browser and MX Player. Both of these are free apps and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

NTV: Best Quality for EPL

My IPTV provider is called NTV and they are based in Gibraltar. They have been in existence since 2012. I only discovered them in 2016. I have tried other cheaper IPTV subscriptions but I always go back to NTV.

I don't see the point in paying for something if the quality is no good. I can watch free TV online with Kodi if I want a crap service that buffers a lot.

The Packages

​NTV have several different packages. The MAG TV box subscription starts at €29.95 and you can also use this on another device simultaneously. I have a MAG box in my main room and an Android TV box in my bedroom.

Both of these can access the live TV channels at the same time and all using the same account. You can only have one subscription per MAG box though. So, if you wanted 2 x MAG boxes you would need to have 2 x subscriptions.

The 3 Day Free Trial

​If you want me to hook you up with the free trial you must register using the link below. The free trial will give you access to all of the channels inluding Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, BT Sport, etc.

To register you just need to add your email address and choose a password. Then contact me for the free trial. You don't need a MAG or Android box. NTV can also be viewed online with an internet browser direct from their website.

However, connecting a TV box to your main TV will offer a much better UX and can easily replace your cable TV subscription.

Once the trial has expired it's a simple case of logging back onto the NTV website and choosing a package. I subscribe to the MAG English package at €29.95 which gives me access to 200+ premium channels including the above.

Why Use IPTV for Premier League Games?

Cable and Satellite TV is expensive. The future of TV is now with the internet. Previously we didn't have the technology for smooth streaming over an internet connection. That has all changed.

Some countries are delivering TV systems over the internet as their main TV systems. In Malaysia we have HyppTV and Astro who are now using IPTV technology for their system.

The beauty of the catch up feature with NTV means you no longer need a DVD recorder. Why record anything when all football matches are automatically recorded on their servers and ready to watch any time?

I am Here to Help

If you are still unsure about this why not take the Free Trial? You have nothing to lose and you are under no obligation. Try before you buy. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

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