3 Best Ways to Watch Formula 1 Live for Free

By | July 31, 2017

If you are looking to watch F1 Live for free check out these three options. I will also show you quality alternative streaming methods for watching it.

Now that the F1 season is in full flow there’s a huge demand to watch it live online. If you don’t have a cable or satellite subscription that includes the channel, there are other ways to watch it.

The 3 best ways I will show you are free but you will need a device to watch on, whether that is a laptop, phone or other media player. Plus, an internet connection is needed.

All of these methods are 100% free but if you would prefer to pay a little amount to get a higher quality service I will also show you how to do that.


Watching F1 Live Online for Free – 3 Best Ways

1) Kodi with a Custom Build


You’re probably thinking oh yeah but what about all the add-ons that are no longer working? Or maybe you think the quality is no good.

Well, bear with me here. Let me explain how you can access add-ons that work and also how you can improve any potential buffering problems.

Firstly, Kodi can be installed on just about any device these days. I have it on my Mac Book, my Android TV boxes and my Android phone.

Sure, a lot of add-ons have disappeared or been shut down since the authorities started clamping down on illegal streaming but there are ways and means 😉

A Custom Build:

What does this mean? Well, a custom build is like a pre-configured version of Kodi or a bit like the old Config Wizard that would install add-ons for you.

It also adds nice wallpapers/skins, widgets and is generally maintained very well. Regular updates are available which means your system will never be too much out of date.

What it also does is add current add-ons that are working and will give you access to channels that show the F1 Live. I use the Cosmic Saints build and you can get more details on my other article.

Check out option #3 on this article here.

Less buffering:

Buffering on Kodi is caused by several problems.

  • Weak WiFi download speeds if you don’t user the Ethernet connection to your router. Some TV boxes have poor WiFi downloads speeds so you should always hard-wire any TV box.
  • Rush hour traffic to certain streams. If you are trying to watch F1 for sure it will be in demand so any feeds are guaranteed to be in high demand.
  • Old firmware on your device. Make sure you have the latest installed and always use the latest version of Kodi which can be downloaded from the Play Store or installed from the official Kodi website. You will need to do this before installing a custom Kodi build.
  • Streams that are being leeched off by other users. This happens all the time and there’s not much you can do about it.

Buffering can be resolved by doing some or all of the following:

  • Make sure you are using a fast internet connection. Kodi recommends a minimum of 10Mb/s and if you can get fiber optic installed then even better.
  • Make sure you reboot your router and device at least once a day or before trying to watch F1 live stream.
  • Try to find a live stream in SD rather than HD. This uses less bandwidth.
  • If your ISP throttles your bandwidth at busy times of the day a good VPN can bypass this throttling and improve streaming speeds.

2) Mobdro Free TV App


Mobdro is less popular than Kodi which means less people are using it. This is good for you because it could mean less traffic accessing the servers.

The interface is very different to Kodi and it is divided up into categories (genres). The F1 live stream would be accessed through the Sports category.

You don’t get to choose which stream you access since Mobdro chooses the best one that is available. This can be a disadvantage if the stream is poor quality or buffers too much.

However, I found the quality to be slightly better than some streams on Kodi and even with a slightly slower internet speed they tend to work quite well. This could be due to less people using it.

The app is designed for Android but it can be used on other platforms like PC or Mac but you will have to install an emulator to use it outside of Android OS.

More information is available on my other article. Click here to read more about Mobdro.

3) Cricfree Website


This is the least preferred method for various reasons. The Cricfree site contains tons of Ads and annoying popups that will make it almost impossible to watch without interference and drive you crazy.

It’s also not particularly safe to use and it wouldn’t be surprising if you ended up with malware or some other type of virus infecting your PC or device.

The quality of the streams are generally not the best for a free service. I have tried to use this before to no avail. It’s basically a last resort in my opinion.

There are similar websites to Cricfree offering the same poor service but advertisements are how they pay for their servers so we shouldn’t really expect anything more.

My Advice to You

If you decide to use one of these free services to watch F1 online, it’s imperative that you know about the dangers. Viewing any TV channel that isn’t free-to-air is not legal.

You may get away with it in some countries where legislation isn’t as tight but it’s always a good idea to know how to protect yourself against prosecution.

More and more people are turning to VPN providers as a way to mask their IPTV address and also unlock any geo-restricted services. A VPN will allow you to access the free services above and protect your identity at the same time.

A decent VPN provider will also allow you to use it on all of your devices and they won’t retain any of your data so there will be no record of your browsing history lying around on their servers.

PureVPN are my favourite and due to the intense competition between VPN providers the prices are dropping which makes it really affordable and a small price to pay for peace of mind.

==>How to use a VPN with Kodi and other devices<==

You can get PureVPN for only $2.95 / month on the link to my article above.

An Alternative with Better Quality

If you are looking for quality and prepare to pay a little there is another way to get F1 with no buffering. When I signed up to my IPTV supplier it allowed me to cancel my cable TV subscription.

As well as live TV they offer a 14 day catch up service and you can get a 3 day free trial. It can be used on all the common platforms including Android, iOS and Web Browser online. Why not give it a free go? There is nothing to lose.

==>Read my review here<==

Final Thoughts

This article provides you with a few different ways to watch Formula 1 for free and if you would like to keep informed of more articles like this, why not sign up to my Free Newsletter?

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8 thoughts on “3 Best Ways to Watch Formula 1 Live for Free

  1. Steven Oliver

    Hey Craig
    This is a really interesting article. I have used Kodi in the past but it got to the point where I couldn’t find anything that was available anymore.
    Do you get any other sports with IPTV?

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Steven,
      If you follow my instructions and add the custom Kodi build that will resolve it. Yes there are plenty other sports with a paid IPTV subscription. You get access to the major premium channels in UK, USA and Canada. Thanks for your input and I hope this helps.
      Cheers, Craig.

  2. Craig

    Thanks for the rundown on how to watch F1. Mobdro seems like the right choice for me and my android tablet. I often lug it around while I’m doing stuff around the house cause it is so easy to just stand up against a wall or a chair briefly. This should work nicely, appreciate the great summary!

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Craig and thanks for taking time to leave some feedback. I’m glad I could help with highlighting Mobdro and if you have any problems with it please get back to me. It’s always good to get other opinions.
      Cheers, Craig

  3. Owain

    Woah plenty of information here Craig. I am interested in Kodi but one thing does bother me. With the add ons that you say are these illegal or not?

    Also, one other thing that is bothering me is using a VPN. I have read recently that a VPN has been blocked in China. Although I do not live in China I think it maybe time when these VPNs are blocked or shut down. Do you have any opinion on this?

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Owain,
      Yes, the legalities are worrying and a VPN is the best way to protect yourself. In China, Apple have removed them from the iTunes Store but they can still be installed by downloading the software from the VPN provider’s website (if you can access it in China of course).
      I honestly cannot see them being blocked elsewhere since the actual technology is also used for business.
      Cheers, Craig.

  4. Abdusalam Green

    Hi Craig,
    This is interesting. In Malaysia we have a satellite service named ASTRO but we got so fed up with the never-ending repeats of mundane content that we unsubscribed. The only thing I really missed was the EPL and of course the F1.

    Coincidentally, last weeks F1 I managed to find a streaming website on my iPhone and I was over the moon. The only drawback was the once in a while it would break for adverts, but it wasn’t too distracting, at least no key events were missed.

    For your info, this is the website I found… eplsite.org

    Have a good one.


    1. Craig Post author

      I know all about Astro and how awful it can be. I canceled my Astro Byond subscription when I discovered NTV. It’s improved my quality of life in Malaysia and means I can now watch my favourite sports from the UK. Thanks for sharing the info.
      Cheers, Craig

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