What is IPTV?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is television delivered over the internet. Some countries are utilizing faster internet speeds to deliver TV systems.

I live in Malaysia and the big suppliers here all use their own form of IPTV for watching TV but when I discovered a company called NTV I immediately canceled my existing local TV.

Premium Channels from UK, USA & Canada

The system I am going to tell you about will give you access to 200+ channels from UK, USA and Canada. You will be able to watch your favorite channels like Sky Sports, BT Sport, NFL Network, Sky Sport F1, Sky Movies, TSN, NBA TV, BEIN sports, etc.

They have all different types of genres including Kids, Movies, TV shows, Sports, Documentaries, Adult, News and there is also a 14 day Catch Up service on the popular channels.

Check out my video below which was taken in Malaysia.

What Do You Need?

This is the easy part. A decent internet connection is the most important thing. Although my IPTV supplier recommends a minimum speed of only 3Mb/s I wouldn't like to try it with anything less than 10Mb/s.

Before I discovered that I could get all these channels with no buffering, I would use Kodi to try and watch Live UK TV but it was hopeless most of the time.

The first problem was trying to find a stream and then hoping that it wouldn't freeze or buffer. I would spend most of the time searching for streams that worked and I usually gave up in the end.

NTV have a simple menu interface and there is no searching for channels like on Kodi.


If you want access to the 14 day Catch Up service and all the live channels you will need a MAG TV Box. These are readily available and can be purchased online via Amazon, AliExpress, etc.


If you are not bothered about having the 14 day Catch Up, you could access the service on an Android TV box. You will need to install an emulator from the Play Store but it's easily done.

The MAG boxes have different models starting from the older MAG 250 and going up to MAG 256 which has a faster processor. I have the MAG 254 box and it works great.

Once you have the MAG TV box it's just a case of adding the NTV portal URL and choosing the package that suits. You have to Register with NTV first and once you have done that you can get a 3 Day Free Trial.

You can Register before you have your MAG TV box and once it arrives I can set you up with the trial. You can also get the trial for the other platforms that NTV use including Android, Internet Explorer, iOS, etc.

NTV Pricing Plans

NTV have several pricing plans designed to suit everyone. Starting from €14.95 p/m for the English package and up to a maximum of €39.95 p/m for the Ultimate package.

The MAG TV box subscriptions start at €29.95 p/m for the English package which gives you more than 200 premium channels.



Do I need a VPN to use NTV?

Absolutely not. The MAG TV boxes don't have a VPN client anyway so it's not possible to connect a VPN unless you use a VPN router. Regardless, it isn't required as long as you are outside of the UK.

How Do I Choose a Package?

Once the 3 Day Free Trial has expired, it's a simple case of logging onto the NTV website with your username and password that you registered with. You can then add the package to your account. 

Can I watch UK TV for Free?

Yes if you want to struggle with free TV apps that regularly buffer or freeze. I must admit I did this for years but I wished I had discovered NTV earlier.

How Do I know this isn't a Scam?

I have customers in USA and Worldwide and you can try it for Free with the 3 Day Trial. If you are happy with the trial I would recommend you sign up for one month initially to give it a better time trial.


Why not try it Free for 3 days before buying a MAG TV box? You can also view online with Internet Explorer or on an Android TV box or device. The MAG TV boxes are best for watching when connected to your TV but if you want a quick test you could still get a trial before buying a TV box.

Register with NTV on the link above and then Contact Me for your 3 Day Free Trial.

One thought on “Using IPTV to Watch UK Premium Channels

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Ian,

      That’s great! Fiber optic will really enhance the quality and HD will be much better. If you are using an Android box just remember that you won’t get the Catch Up service, that’s only available on a MAG TV Box. Android subscriptions start at €14.95 for the English package. You will need to install a STB emulator from the Play Store. Matrix Browser is one such app that works. I can help you with that if need be. Let me know if you want a 3 day trial. You need to Register through my link if you haven’t already done so.

      – Craig.

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