UK TV in France is Now Possible Without a Satellite Dish

By | August 1, 2017

Watching TV with a Satellite Dish is old hat. The best way to watch UK TV in France is with an internet connection and a device connected to your router.

IPTV is television that is delivered over the internet. Previously it wasn’t feasible but now with faster internet speeds and unlimited bandwidth it is becoming more popular.

When I discovered I could get all the UK Free and Premium channels in Malaysia I canceled my cable TV subscription and this is how I have been watching TV for the last year.

There is no contract and it’s just like watching TV in the UK. I will tell you about this method which is less than paying for Sky TV in the UK but I will also show you how you can watch British channels for free.

Would you like a 3 day Free Trial?

Not only do you get the free-to-air channels but Premium channels are available too and it’s a lot cheaper than paying for Sky TV in the UK. Plus, you can get a Free Trial and test it for yourself.

UK TV Channels with IPTV

IPTV is now very popular with British expats Worldwide. It was previously unwatchable due to the huge amounts of bandwidth it required. How times have changed!

With the advent of unlimited bandwidth and super fast internet speeds we are now able to watch TV like this. Satellite TV could be on the way out.

In this article I’ll tell you about the 2 easiest ways to get UK TV. One is free and one requires a monthly subscription without a contract.

1) A paid IPTV subscription with NTV

NTV are an offshore based supplier who provide this service. You connect to their server and you can start watching UK TV instantly.

There’s various ways to do this but you must be outside of the UK. The supported platforms are shown below:

  • MAG TV Box
  • Android TV Box (Kodi or IPTV emulator)
  • iOS with a free emulator
  • Web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc)

The Packages

They have various packages starting from €14.95 / month and you can pay online with a credit card each month. You do not need to sign a contract.

The MAG TV box is the best way to view it and you connect the box to your router and TV via HDMI cable. MAG box packages start at €29.95 / month and this will give you access to the 14 day catch up service.

If you have an Android TV box you can also watch it connected to your TV and you only pay €14.95 but you won’t have access to the Catch Up service. This is only available on the MAG box subscription.

Get more information on using NTV with an Android box.


Legal disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that all of the channels shown by NTV are legal to view in your country. I do not accept any liability for channels that exist or are being added on a regular basis by NTV. This website merely highlights which services are available.

The MAG box subscription also comes with a nice easy-to-use menu with a live preview panel in the top right corner. You access the catch up channels from this menu too.

There is a brief TV guide when you select each channel and you can see 4 or 5 programs ahead.


You can buy the MAG TV boxes from various online sources. Amazon UK is one such source that sells them. There are different models available including MAG 250, 254 and 256.

The MAG 250 is the oldest of the boxes and the MAG 256 is the latest with a faster processor. I have the MAG 254 and it works well but my box doesn’t have WiFi. It’s faster if you hard-wire with the Ethernet connection anyway.

They do have wireless models available and these are suffixed with a “w”. The MAG 254 box is currently available for £68.90 from one supplier.



If you are interested in a Free Trial with NTV you need to Register on their website first and then contact them through their live chat on their website.


==>Register with NTV<==

You can register before buying the MAG TV box and once you have the box you need to add the portal address for the NTV server. They will guide you for setting up the portal. It’s not difficult and they have a good customer service team on hand to help.

Minimum recommended internet speeds are 3Mb/s for SD channels and 5Mb/s for HD but I would advise you to try and get faster internet if you can. This will give you a better user experience.

2) Watch UK TV Free with Kodi and a VPN

This method is not as good as a paid IPTV service but if you are on a budget it’s a good option. You can use Kodi on various platforms and it is free to download from either the Play Store or from the official Kodi website.

If you plan on watching the UK channels on your TV it’s better to watch Kodi on an Android TV box which is then connected to your TV in a similar fashion to the MAG TV box.


When you install Kodi it will add a basic version only so in order to get access to the UK channels you need to install an add-on (or app) which contains links to these channels.

You will find free-to-air channels and also Premium channels so it’s a good idea to use a VPN to protect your identity. More and more people now use a VPN with Kodi and it’s the only way to stay safe.

==>Instructions for using a VPN with Kodi<==

If you are a bit of a novice with respect to Kodi and maybe not sure which add-ons will give you UK TV channels, there is another easier way which will install them for you.

A custom Kodi build will install a pre-configured version. Check out option #3 on my other article for installation details.

==>How to install a Kodi build<==

Kodi recommend a minimum internet speed of 10Mb/s for a stable system. However, live TV channels can be subject to buffering with Kodi even with faster internet speeds.

Read more on how to reduce buffering with Kodi.

Wrap Up

I hope this has given you a bit of an insight into what is available for watching UK TV in France or other countries overseas. This is a lot easier than trying to pick up channels using a satellite dish.

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