Tiger Stream TV Reviews | Don’t Get Ripped off with this Device

By | November 14, 2017

If you have stumbled on some Tiger Stream TV Reviews that are praising this box, please tread carefully. Some of them may be affiliated to this company.

That means they get a commission for every device that is bought by following their links to the official Tiger Stream TV website. There's nothing wrong with being affiliated to other companies. I also have affiliate links on my website.

However, if I review a product and it's no good or a rip off, I will give honest advice. Without even reviewing this product in depth, I know at first glance that this is a big rip off.

Who are Tiger Stream? 


There's very little information about the actual company on their website, but they do operate out of USA. Here is an interesting snippet from their website.

"Any use of this device is solely the responsibility of the end user".

That's an unusual thing to say isn't it? In other words, we are selling them but we are not taking responsibility if they are illegal. This should have alarm bells ringing already.

Tiger Stream Price

The latest Tiger Stream T5X media player is priced at a whopping $429! Yes you read that correctly. You can also bundle one of their little wireless keyboards for an additional $30 if you are crazy enough.

Maybe you are thinking that having access to all of these channels is worth a one-off payment of $429? You will still save plenty from canceling your cable TV subscription.

You're right, but here is the rub. Tiger Stream TV utilizes Kodi software which is free to download from the Play Store or the official Kodi website and use on any device. What they have done is customize it to make it easier for the user.

What if I told you that you can customize it yourself and it isn't difficult to set up? More on that later.

Is Tiger Stream Worth it or not?

I think you know my thoughts on this already. Before I get to the verdict let's take a look at what you are actually getting for your $429.

Tiger Stream T5X Specs

  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • CPU: Amlogic S905X Quad core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU up to 1.5GHz
  • GPU: Penta-core ARM Mali-450 GPU up to 750MHz
  • 16GB eMMC internal storage
  • 2GB of DDR3 RAM
  • RJ45 100M Ethernet
  • Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band AC Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5.8GHz)
  • HDMI: HDMI 2.0 up to 4K 2K
  • 3 x High speed USB 2.0, supports USB DISK and USB HDD
  • Supports AV output
  • SD/SDHC/MMC card readers
  • Video Decode: 4Kp60 10-bit H.265, 4Kp60 VP9 Profile 2, 4Kp30 H.264
  • Supports Music Format MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/OGG/DDP/HD/FLAC/APE
  • Supports Photo Format HD JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG/TIFF
  • Power Supply DC 5V/2A
  • Okay, let's assess the specifications at face value, without thinking too much about the price. The specs are not too bad. 2GB of RAM is acceptable and they have dual band WiFi, but why no Gigabit Ethernet?

    The Amlogic S905X is old already, this could've been built around the S912 SoC and it would have looked and performed a whole lot better. Android 6.0 is decent and will allow you to at least use Kodi V17.

    This is a true 4K box so it will operate as they say but it's not high-end. I've reviewed plenty of Android TV boxes that have better specs than this one and at a fraction of the price. I'm talking less than $100.

    Is Tiger Stream illegal?

    Tiger Stream allow you to access content that is subject to copyright. There is no getting away from this fact. Any TV channel that isn't free, is subject to a license which means a subscription.

    That means channels like HBO, etc are being accessed via the Kodi software. It's estimated that 70% of all Kodi users are accessing pirated content on a daily basis. That's 26 million Kodi users Worldwide.

    Pros and Cons

    • thumbs-up
    • thumbs-up
      External antenna
    • thumbs-up
      2GB of RAM
    • thumbs-down
    • thumbs-down
      S905X CPU
    • thumbs-down
      No Gigabit Ethernet
    • thumbs-down
      Lack of transparency by company

    Tiger Stream and Kodi

    How Does Kodi work?


    Kodi has been in the news a lot recently and the software is being targeted by the big TV companies and media suppliers. They are starting to lose money so they are trying to stop people from leaving them.

    Cable TV is expensive so it's normal for people to look at alternatives. Kodi provides a platform for accessing third-party addons that provide free links to live TV channels.

    Of course, because it is free the quality is not great. However, Tiger Stream do provide you with access to Premium Services like Channel Up, Dragon Streams, Kodi Streams, Sports Access, Sports Donkey and HQ Zone.

    These are all included and installed for you using the Tiger Stream Wizard installation. They say on their website that these are only accessible via Tiger Stream TV. Not true. You can subscribe to these services yourself.

    How to Customize Kodi on any Android Device

    The easiest way is to add a custom Kodi build. This is similar to the Tiger Stream Wizard that sets up your box. These Kodi Builds are free to install and you can choose from several.

    I like to use the No Limits Builds and these will install a set of featured addons that will give you access to everything that Tiger Stream offers, except the Premium Subscriptions mentioned.

    To add No Limits to your device, check out my video below.


    If you decide to use Kodi you should be aware of the legalities and addons that are now being blocked. One way to bypass these issues is by using a good VPN.

    More and more Kodi users are going down this road to protect themselves and also access servers or addons that are restricted by location or blocked.

    The company I use is called PureVPN and they have their own Kodi addon which makes it easy to use. Right now they have a promotion on and you can get their best service for only $2.91 per month.

    Alternatives to Tiger Stream TV

    The obvious alternative is to buy a different Android TV box and customize Kodi yourself. That will save you upwards of $300 instead of buying the Tiger Stream.

    But this doesn't give you access to the Premium Subscriptions that Tiger Stream offer so the quality of your streams won't be as good.

    However, there is another way that will give you access to 350+ Premium TV Channels live and with a 14 day catch up service.

    This will also work on any Android TV box. When I discovered a paid IPTV subscription in 2016 it was the catalyst behind this website.

    Since then I have canceled my cable TV subscription and use my IPTV service as my main TV system. The Premium packages start at €14.95 only.


    The Verdict

    Proprietor at UK TV Services Abroad
    I am a UK expat who has lived overseas since 1997. I started this website to help fellow expats who are trying to watch UK TV abroad. I built this website for free with the help and support of a wonderful online community. Click here if you want to read my profile. It's free to join and you can build 2 websites for free.

    7 thoughts on “Tiger Stream TV Reviews | Don’t Get Ripped off with this Device

    1. Owain

      Thanks for the review. Much appreciated as always. I can see though why some people would buy this. Maybe people are not aware of alternatives to this product. So your site will definitely help people out.

      Also, maybe people don’t think that they can fix up a box themselves so they will pay the extra dollar for this. For me though I would buy a cheaper product, even though it would mean setting it up and taking longer to watch my shows. But it’s worth the wait.

      Anyway I would definitely give this one a miss when Tiger give such a disclaimer. Looks like they are only after your money.

      1. Craig Post author

        You are welcome and thanks for leaving some feedback. I always like to provide alternatives especially when devices like this are so expensive. You are right that some people are put off by having to do any set up but Tiger Stream are taking advantage of these fears.

        If this product was reasonable priced I could accept it but it’s not. You are paying for a custom wizard set up and some premium channels in Kodi.

    2. Iain

      Extremely interesting article. As I am an expat living in Japan I am also very interested in your site. Your review of Tiger stream TV is negative so in your experience what would be the best way to set up a system in order to watch programs from around the world and not just the UK? I am Australian living permanently in Japan.

      1. Craig Post author

        Hi Iain,

        Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you found this review before jumping in and purchasing it. My IPTV system will allow you to watch TV channels from around the World.

        Unfortunately they don’t have too many from Australia, but they do have a few. If you are trying to get channels from Oz you would be better trying Kodi on an Android TV box.

        You will be able to access live TV channels and also VOD with Kodi.

        Hope this helps.

    3. Keith

      I have the Tigerstream T5 box and it’s awesome. First off, it has helped me eliminate my cable bill. Second off the content found in this box is unlimited. I had a friend over who is a big WWF / WWE fan and we watched old wrestling clips all afternoon. There is live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, documentaries, music video, concerts, the choices are endless. You can also watch any video on You tube.You can also download any add on to use on your box along with any app. lke you find on your phone. There are three TV guides also to choose from. The box to me gets better every day as you learn what’s on and where to find it.

      1. Craig Post author

        Hi Keith,

        I don’t doubt for a minute that it works well, but my issue is with the price. Plus, you can get far better specs for less and install Kodi for free from the Play Store.

    4. Keith

      Right now you can buy a Tigerstream box for $250 so if you are paying a typical $100 cable bill, you’ll make up the cost in 2 ½ months. The box is also plug and play so there is no need to download anything from the google play store. For persons who are not tech-savy, this is ideal. If you want to add additional programming via the add-ons and the apps you can. It also comes with many live sports add-ons which are exclusive to the box. If I wanted to watch every NHL or NBA game playing last night, I could. And I can also watch the UFC 221 fights this weekend for free.

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