Tickbox TV Review | Is it any Good or are you Being Scammed?

By | November 13, 2017

This manufacturer reckons you can cut the cord with their streaming TV box. My Tickbox TV review may shock you when you realize what they are doing.

Hold the press! Amazon, Movie Studios and Netflix are currently suing Tickbox TV for copyright infringement. If you are planning to buy this device you should read my review first.

I will give you an overall impression of the box and specs plus look at what they are actually selling. There has also been some complaints from customers who asked for a refund and never got one.

Don't believe the hype and if you are reading other reviews be very careful. Some of these other reviews are written by affiliated members who get a commission for every sale. They can earn $27 for every device they sell.

So, of course they are painting a nice picture but after reading this I'm sure you will think twice before purchasing a Tickbox TV box.

What is Tickbox TV?

Tickbox TV is a streaming Android TV box that claims to offer a cord-cutting device. They claim to provide every TV Show and movie ever published and at no extra cost to the customer.

What they actually provide is a TV box that utilizes Kodi which is free software readily available on the Play Store or the official Kodi website. It's free to download and use, that much is true.

The problem here is Tickbox TV are being economical with the truth! Anyone can buy an Android TV box and install Kodi themselves. The manufacturer of this streaming device are taking advantage of Kodi but not really telling customers the whole truth.

Is Tickbox TV any good?

I can only judge them on the specs. I have reviewed 100's of Android TV boxes so I am very well versed in the pros and cons and what specs you need for good performance.

Tickbox TV Specs

  • OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 1GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 8GB of eMMC Flash Storage
  • Single band WiFi
  • 100M Ethernet
  • tickbox-specs

    Okay, I've seen enough already. These specs are old and very poor. We are already able to buy TV boxes powered by Android 7 Nougat and here we have a company still selling old boxes with Android 5.1 Lollipop!

    Android 5.1 is the very last version that is compatible with Kodi V17 but for how long? When Kodi V18 is rolled out will it still be compatible with this OS? All previous versions of Android are not compatible with latest Kodi version.

    1GB of RAM is very bad. I always recommend at least 2GB of RAM for these TV boxes. Single band WiFi is old hat and won't give you access to 5GHz band. They have no Gigabit Ethernet either.

    They give you access to SideKick TV which is a streaming site similar to Netflix. After doing some research I found a lot of complaints directed towards this site with people claiming it is a scam.

    Is Tickbox TV Legal?

    With the new lawsuit raised by Amazon, Movie Studios and Netflix, it seems that Tickbox TV is not legal. I am not going to delve into the legalities but any company that claims to offer access to subscription services free of charge are clearly taking a chance.

    Kodi has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Third party addons that provide access to copyright material has been dropped by Kodi.

    When you install the latest version of Kodi it is only a basic install. No addons are featured so you have to organize it yourself. Without the knowledge it can be a bit daunting.

    Check out my other article which has more information on using custom Kodi builds to watch live TV channels. If you buy an Android TV box from my recommended alternatives below you can use these instructions to set up Kodi.

    Tickbox TV Price

    This device was initially priced at $149.95 but you can get it now for $89.95 after discount. Even at this price it is a complete waste of money.

    Trust me, you can get a top Android box with excellent specs for a lot less than that. The last one I bought had 3GB of RAM, 32GB storage, S912 CPU, Dual Band Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet and Android 7.1.2 Nougat.

    The price? A very impressive $64.99 only. That box was the Tanix TX8 MAX which I was offering in my Free Prize Draw. Compare that to the Tickbox and now you may be starting to get a clearer picture why this box is not worth its price tag.

    Pros and Cons

    • thumbs-up
      No additional cost after purchase
    • thumbs-up
      Free access to SideKick TV
    • thumbs-down
      Android 5.1
    • thumbs-down
      Single band WiFi
    • thumbs-down
      No Gigabit Ethernet
    • thumbs-down
      No external antenna
    • 1GB of RAM


    There are many better alternatives to the Tickbox. In fact, I can't remember the last time I reviewed a TV box with such poor specs. I can recommend some TV boxes for a lot less than $89.95 and any one of these will be better.

    You can drop your cable TV subscription with an alternative device but I wouldn't recommend replacing it with Kodi. It's okay to watch VOD content but for live TV you don't get good quality streams.

    This is because it is free and used by millions Worldwide who are all hogging the bandwidth at the same time as you. A better way of replacing cable TV is with an IPTV subscription.


    This can be used with your Android TV box and for only €14.95 you can get a quality service. I replaced my cable TV subscription in 2016 with this same service.

    To use this service with an Android device you need to install Matrix TV Browser and MX Player from the Play Store but these are free to download and use.

    My recommended Android TV boxes


    So, are you being scammed by this manufacturer? I would say YES, without a doubt. This pretty much concludes my review of the Tickbox TV so I truly hope you are more aware of what they are offfering.

    I'd love to hear from you. Please leave all comments below 🙂

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    5 thoughts on “Tickbox TV Review | Is it any Good or are you Being Scammed?

    1. WIlliam

      I’v heard of this Tickbox TV thing before but was always curious what it was. It puts me in the mind of Amazons Firestick. Is it a product like that or is it something totally different? Which one would you suggest me to go with?

      1. Craig Post author

        Hi William,

        It’s pretty similar to the FireStick but it isn’t built around Amazon Video. It relies wholly on Kodi for access to live TV channels. Any of my 3 recommendations would be a better choice than the Tickbox TV and you would save money at the same time. Plus, you would be getting a much better TV box.


    2. David Domains

      Sounds pretty shady to me. But considering its tech stuff its not surprising. Some of all this tv and net devices can seem a bit overwhelming and a waste of time. This looks to be one of them.

      1. Craig Post author

        Hi David,

        It’s actually quite rare to find a company that takes advantage of free TV apps and tries to rip the customer off. There’s another one doing the rounds called TV Frog. They had a massive Facebook advertising campaign and they were trying to pass their device off as “revolutionary” when in fact it wasn’t.

        Unfortunately a lot of people didn’t realize and they got scammed big time. Some of them never even got what they paid for. You have to be really careful with Facebook Ads these days.


    3. Tim Farrell

      I have tick box and at first I was impressed with it, but then this week I started having trouble getting movies. When I tried to update the box all hell broke lose. Kodi was gone, and all I am able to do now is download a number of channels and I can only stream what is on live, the picture quality is bad, real bad. As far as sidekick TV goes tickbox says coming soon. So all in all it went from being somewhat decent to a piece of shi*.

      1. Craig Post author

        Hi Tim,
        Sorry to hear that. I imagine you won’t be able to get customer support form them now that they are facing a lawsuit. You could take a look at our recommended alternative but it’s a subscription service and nor free.

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