News: Premier League Streams Blocked

By | August 17, 2017

It had to happen didn’t it?

I can just imagine sitting waiting on the football to start and then….nothing. A blank screen. It must have been a busy weekend for the ISP companies.

They appeared to get some success and managed to block some of the servers that were showing live football matches. I personally know some of the people that were affected.

It won’t last forever though and the ISPs will face a tougher challenge ahead in the coming weeks and months.


Anti-piracy efforts have been stepped up this season

Large numbers of Kodi box users were left frustrated over the weekend, having been unable to watch any Premier League games for free.

Several illegal streams of matches reportedly went down shortly after going live, causing confusion and anger as users were met by blank screens instead of the live Premier League action they’d been expecting to be able to tune into.

The Premier League has stepped up its blocking efforts, and is expected to make it much harder for people to watch matches illegally this season.

The Independent

The Independent newspaper online reports on the add-ons that are starting to disappear from Kodi altogether. These have been halted by court orders on various domains.

It’s not a new thing and already we are starting to see new add-ons appearing on different domains. They can now block certain servers through your ISP.

In my opinion, the authorities are fighting a losing battle. How can you control something like this when domains can be purchased and servers switched?

The Independent are correct about VPNs

They face an ongoing struggle but if they lose this battle (I’m quietly confident that they will) they could start targeting consumers who use Kodi to access these streams.

This is something that I would advise precaution with and I have been recommending using a VPN with Kodi for some time now.

The authorities CAN find out what you are streaming. They can get your browsing history from your ISP and thanks to the Snoopers’ Charter, they can now hack into your system when you are online.

A VPN will protect your identity

There’s no doubt it’s only a matter of time before they come after Joe Public. They will come down hard on the common people and try to make an example of them.

They will do this hoping that this will act as a deterrent. The only way to protect yourself against prosecution is by using a good VPN when online.

You can do this for everything you do online through a VPN router or you can choose to connect for certain apps or tasks that you do through any of your devices.

If you are using a TV Box with Kodi then you can easily install the VPN software from the Google Play Store and once you are connected your ISP won’t know which streams you are accessing.

My #1 Recommendation

I have been using PureVPN for some time now and they are pretty much one of the best VPN providers out there. Not only that, they are affordable at only $2.44 / month.

The price was previously $2.95 but it has just been dropped. I am not sure how long this offer will be live, they may decide to keep it at this price permanently.

To get PureVPN at this Special Price and read more about using a VPN with Kodi you can click here. This will take you to my other article where you can read more detail about why a VPN is important and the other benefits it offers.

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