MPAA: 26 Million Kodi Users are Streaming Movies Illegally

By | November 6, 2017

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) believe that 70% of 38 million Kodi users are streaming movies illegally by accessing pirated content.

Quite how they arrive at these figures is unclear but Charles Rivkin, CEO of MPAA has told US trade representatives that this emerging piracy threat is proving verry challenging.

An emerging global threat is streaming piracy which is enabled by piracy devices preloaded with software to illicitly stream movies and television programming and a burgeoning ecosystem of infringing add-ons. The most popular software is an open source media player software, Kodi. Although Kodi is not itself unlawful, and does not host or link to unlicensed content, it can be easily configured to direct consumers toward unlicensed films and television shows - Advanced Television

I published a recent article which identifies a new Kodi Spyware addon now being used to track our streaming online. This addon is now being included in some skin builds running in the background.

If you access any pirated content a message will appear on your screen warning you about copyright. As Kodi continues to grow and become more popular we may find it more difficult to watch what we want.

So, is Streaming Illegal in USA?


It's only illegal if you access licensed content. If the media is unlicensed then it's considered to be legal. However, it's considered to be illegal if you upload or host unlicensed content.

A lot of these streaming sites don't actually host the content but provide links only. It's all a bit confusing and there's still loopholes which allow sites to show illegal streams or at least try and get around it.

You can use Kodi without any legal worries, the software is just the vehicle. It's similar to hardware in that it provides a means to an end. For example, you can access content that is both legal and illegal on a laptop.

That doesn't mean the laptop is illegal. It's exactly the same with Kodi, but the authorities are still trying to attack Kodi instead of focusing on the real problem.

Is it Illegal to Watch Movies Online?

It's the same deal here. Streaming and watching online are one of the same. It's all to do with the license and copyright infringement. That includes accessing the media on all devices.

I used to watch movies online before copyright was such a big deal. There are still sites where you can watch movies online for free and also with a subscription.

If the companies involved don't have permission from the licensee then that is deemed illegal.

Is a VPN Legal to Use?

It depends which country you are in. Iran frowns upon VPNs and so does China. It's not illegal to use in USA or Europe and VPNs are actually used for business too.

Why Use a VPN?

​A good VPN will mask your IP address so you will be anonymous once you connect to one of their servers. These days a VPN is pretty crucial with all the cyber theft and viruses.

You can also use one when you are streaming with Kodi. In the UK the ISP companies are now obliged to block any servers that host pirated content.

The only way to get around these blocks is with a VPN. Read more on my other article about using a VPN with Kodi.

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Wrap Up

Tell me what you use Kodi for and feel free to ask any questions. Are you happy to stream movies illegally with Kodi using a VPN? 

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