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By | July 27, 2017

Is Mobdro taking over from Kodi as the best option for watching Free TV? The Mobdro Free TV App caters for Android, PC and Mac but not for iPhone yet.

I’ve been reading various sources that reckon Mobdro could overtake Kodi as the preferred method for streaming Live and On-Demand TV so I thought I should check it out.

This may be a bit presumptuous and I think it’s way too early to write Kodi off but eventually we may have to look at alternatives for viewing TV over the internet.

What is Mobdro?


Mobdro is a free application that allows you to watch TV delivered over an internet connection. It is free to download but there is also a Premium version available.

At the moment you cannot download it from the Play Store so it must be either downloaded from the official site or another mirror server.

The Mobdro TV APK can then be installed on your device. It is best suited for Android but you can get a PC and Mac version of Mobdro. However, you have to install an emulator to use it.

Bluestacks and Nox App Player are two such emulators that can be used to watch Mobdro on PC or Mac. There is no way to watch on iPhone yet.

How does Mobdro work?

Mobdro searches online for free streams or links and delivers the best one to your device by way of streaming media. With the Premium version comes the ability to download content and watch later.

This is useful if you want to watch something without an internet connection. Obviously this only applies to on-demand content like movies, TV shows, etc. This is quite useful if you want to watch on an airplane or whilst traveling on a train etc.

The minimum recommended speed is 2Mb/s but you really need higher speeds to avoid buffering issues. I like the idea of searching for the best stream but it does have limitations.

If that stream buffers a lot, what then? You don’t have the option of selecting another stream (like on Kodi).

How to use Mobdro

Once you have installed the Mobdro app it’s very easy to use. Everything is divided up into categories and you can choose from each genres type. As well as on-demand content you can also access channels from all over the World.

Sky Sports on Mobdromobdro-categories

The Channels category includes thousands of channels from countries all over the World. If you select the Sports category you can watch Premium Sports channels like Sky Sports or BT Sport from the UK. A lot of countries are covered.

A lot of these channels won’t be legal to view I’m afraid. If the channel isn’t free-to-air then it will be subject to copyright. This is the battle that Kodi is currently facing with the authorities the World over.

Due to recent court legislation it is now officially illegal to view these and you could face prosecution or even prison. It’s already happening in several countries and people are being prosecuted.

You could argue that the authorities are targeting the big sellers of devices that are fully loaded with Kodi but it’s only a matter of time before users get nailed too.

One way to protect yourself is by using a VPN service. This will mask your IP address and allow you to remain anonymous when using the Mobdro App. My recommended VPN provider is PureVPN and you can get a subscription for only $2.95 / month.

==>Read more about using PureVPN<==

This will allow you to use it across 5 devices if you access Mobdro on other media players. You would just connect to your VPN server and you can then appear hidden to everyone.

The other problem you face is the quality of the streams. These are prone to buffering depending on your connection and the quality of stream that you are accessing.

Mobdro vs Kodi

People are switching to Mobdro due to the concerns over accessing illegal content on Kodi. Mobdro isn’t yet under as much scrutiny as Kodi so it’s considered less of a risk.

But is it safer than Kodi?

Probably not, since you are still accessing the same streams online. When the authorities check your browsing activities through your ISP, the streams will be flagged. They are not checking anything on Kodi or Mobdro but rather the content that is accessed through the software.

Kodi is much more flexible than Mobdro and you can use it for video playback too. Plus, with Kodi, you have more options for choosing other links. Mobdro only accesses a link that it perceives as the best.

Mobdro Free vs Premium

The main difference with the Premium version is the ability to download content and view later without the need for an internet connection. The Premium version has no annoying advertisements and costs only €2.99 / year.

You can purchase the Premium app from inside Mobdro by selecting the “Go Premium” option in your navigation list. Then the Premium features will be enabled.

They say the streams are better quality in the Premium version but in my experience you are still facing the same quality issues. The streams are still illegal and you are not any more protected by going Premium.

An Alternative to Mobdro and Kodi

If you are mainly interested in watching Live TV there is a better way which will give you the best quality watching for TV channels. Unfortunately it’s not free but quality comes at a price.

If you sign up to an IPTV supplier you can view Premium channels in SD or HD quality. My IPTV service has allowed me to really cut the cord with my old cable TV supplier. Prices start from €14.95 / month and there is no contract.


Final Thoughts

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