3 Best Ways to Watch Match of the Day Catch Up from Abroad

By | March 8, 2018

If you're a big football fan like me, Match of the Day Catch Up is a must have! Finding it overseas is another thing, but the 3 ways I'm going to show you will go a long way to solving your problems. Plus, when you read this you will probably be tempted to cancel your existing cable TV.

MOTD has been around as long as I can remember. It still has the same old tune at the beginning too. But since the BBC decided to block overseas viewers it's become more difficult trying to watch BBC.

Let me tell you the 3 best ways of watching it on catch up and you can choose the best option for you. Forget about searching on Facebook or YouTube, it will only lead to frustration.

MOTD Live and on Catch Up


Whether you are trying to watch MOTD or MOTD 2, the same methods can be used. Any of these will allow you to watch BBC1 or BBC2 live and on demand.

If you are in the UK you will have no issue since BBC iPlayer​ isn't blocked there. UK residents can simply install iPlayer from the Play Store​ or iTunes​ and watch any missed shows. It's not that simple for us expats overseas.

In order of preference, these 3 ways are designed to suit all budgets.

1) MOTD with IPTV Subscription

What's an IPTV subscription​ you may ask?

Simply put, it's television that is accessed on servers and then delivered over the internet to your home. It requires an internet connection and in most cases you need a TV box to use it.

The TV box is then connected to your TV via HDMI cable and then you can watch Match of the Day on your TV. If you would like more information on the TV boxes please contact​ us.

This TV package has channels from all over the World and you can choose a package that suits. If you are interested in mainly UK channels there is a package tailor-made for this.

Minimum Internet Speeds

​I recommend a minimum of 10Mb/s and always hard-wire to your router for a more stable service​. If you connect via wireless the signal strength can vary. The last thing you want is freezing or buffering when you are watching football.

If you can get fiber optic broadband that will be even better. Some IPTV providers will recommend a speed of only 2Mb/s but I guarantee you it won't be a good quality connection and you will be frustrated.

Main Features

Live TV Channels in SD and HD:

This IPTV service has more HD channels than other providers. However, watching in HD will use more bandwidth so please ensure your internet connection is stable.

14 Day Catch Up on most Channels:

​The catch up service is great if you are living in a different timezone. I live in S.E. Asia so it can be difficult for live TV especially UK football. This is where the catch up comes in handy especially for Match of the Day which is on late on a Saturday evening.

I can wake up on a Sunday morning and it's usually just finishing which means I can watch it instantly on catch up.

Timeshift function:

​With the timeshift you can pause, rewind, etc. just like a DVD player. When watching MOTD I usually fast-forward when the so-called pundits are analysing each game. That's just me, you may want to listen to what Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy have to say but I'm just interested in watching the highlights.

Video Club:

​With over 72,000 titles there is something for everyone. Why bother with Netflix when you have a video library like this? Choose from Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Boxsets, Music, XXX, Kids, etc.

Audio Club:

​Choose from over 300 albums with various genres for all tastes.

UK Radio Club:

​A good selection of UK radio stations avialable to play through your TV.

Karaoke facility:

When your friends are over you can even have a Karaoke night!

Pricing Plans

​The catch up is only available on a MAG TV box​ or Smart TV​ (Samsung and LG only). Prices start at €19.95 p/month for the Bronze package which has access to 68 Live Channels and full access to all of the main features.

See below for details of all the packages that have access to the 14 day catch up.


Free Trial

If you have Android, MAG TV box, Smart TV or any iOS device you can get a Free 2 Day Trial. Remember, the catch up is only available on MAG TV box or Smart TV but you can try the Live Channels on all systems mentioned.

2) MOTD with a VPN

​This is a cheaper way to watch MOTD and involves connecting to a UK server before watching it on BBC iPlayer. Before I discovered an IPTV subscription this was how I watched MOTD.

However, not all VPNs will work. The free ones certainly won't be reliable due to lack of servers and in most cases limited bandwidth. You are welcome to try but from experience they won't be any good.

One such VPN provider​ that DOES work is PureVPN. I know this because I am a member with them. They are widely recognised as one of the biggest VPN providers Worldwide and have more than 1 million customers.

PureVPN can be used on all of your devices simultaneously up to a maximum of 5 and all from the one account. If you want to keep costs down it's a great way to catch up on MOTD.

If you sign up through our link below you will be entitled to a special UKTVSA price.

Best VPN Deal of the Year
from PureVPN + UKTVSA

$1.91 per month

Join the global community of 1 million plus users. This number is a testament to our dependability, availability, & the level of trust that people have on PureVPN.

3) MOTD on Kodi

​If you're not familiar with Kodi it's a free TV app that can be insalled from the Play Store, iTunes or the official Kodi website. However, it's been in the news lately due to issues with copyright infringement.

If you are in the UK it won't be as easy to access some streams on Kodi now because the ISPs are now blocking​ the servers. If they don't block them they could be in trouble with the authorities.

You can probably still access BBC1 on Kodi if you are outside of the UK but some streams may be blocked due to geo-restrictions. The only way to bypass these blocks in UK and overseas is using a VPN with Kodi​.

Kodi is great but finding a catch up service for MOTD isn't easy. The Kodi add-ons are disappearing all the time due to a witch-hunt from the broadcasting companies like Sky, BT, Fox, Disney, etc.

One really good add-on for watching MOTD was ZemTV​ but that is now off-air due to a lawsuit from Dish Network in USA. Other add-ons have appeared in ZemTV's place but for how much longer?

This is the reason why Kodi is my third choice for watching MOTD.

MOTD Best Moment in History

​For me, it has to be Gary Lineker presenting the show in his boxer shorts. Ahem, not for the spectacle but the glorious Leicester City team winning the league was a special moment for me.

I'm not a Foxes fan either but the occasion was just fantastic and will go down in history as one of the greatest sporting achievements of all time. The fact that Gary had to eat his hat was a worthy winner for me! Relive the moment below.

Wrap Up

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact me for more information. I hope this article helps you in catching up with MOTD when overseas. Sunday mornings wouldn't be the same without it.

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4 thoughts on “3 Best Ways to Watch Match of the Day Catch Up from Abroad

  1. Lorrinc

    Hello Craig
    Thanks for the detailed information about Match of the day , I’m a big fan of football and I don’t want to miss any match of my team ( chelsea ) and subscription here is very expensive. This one is very affordable I think I can manage the bronze plan .

    I want to know as well the pricing of the other plans in case I may want to upgrade in future .

    Is there a way to lock some channels which are not appropriate for the kids ?

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Lorrinc,

      Chelsea haven’t been doing too well this season and it looks like Man City are running away with the league. Still, you can’t win it every season!

      For the other packages, the Silver package is €24.95, €Gold 29.95 and Platinum €39.95. Platinum is the top package that has channels from other countries. But we are always running promotions and special offers for anyone that signs up to our newsletter.

      The adult channels are locked and can only be accessed by PIN code. Yes, you can set up a PIN code on other channels.



  2. Jan

    Hi Craig!
    This was interesting to read because I’m always been interested in everything around IT and home electronics. I also like football and the team I watch here in Sweden is A.I.K but I also like some European teams…
    It’s great to get some tips on how we can watch when we are abroad, gave me some tips on what to look at for my friend that recently moved to Spain because he doesn’t know so much about electronics.
    I myself have an Apple TV (gen.4) a Satellite HD-box and a Nvidia Shield TV (gen.2) and I using VPN from a Finnish company called F-Secure that’s working good (on a 100/100 Mbit fiber) but I heard that Pure VPN also are good?
    Regards, Jan

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Jan,

      That’s great. You will only get the English games on MOTD of course but your friend may be interested. I’ve been using PureVPN for a while now and they are excellent value for money. You can always get past geo-blocks in UK.



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