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On this page you will find all the best information for watching channels from UK, USA, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia, Live and on-demand. The system I am going to tell you about can easily replace any cable or satellite TV system.

When I discovered my IPTV service in 2016 it was the catalyst behind this website. I had been trying to get quality streams for UK channels for years. Finally, it was possible.

This allowed me to cancel my cable TV subscription in Malaysia and get all the channels from home without buffering and also on catch up.

IPTV on a MAG TV box

What is a MAG TV box?

It's basically an OTT box that delivers video over the internet. It's designed with this in mind and can easily be customized to access content on a server elsewhere.

The MAG TV box is the closest thing you will find to watching cable TV. It has an easy to use menu and you don't have to search for any channel.

An EPG (electronic program guide) allows you to see what is on and what is coming up afterwards. You can also access a 14 day catch up service from here. Check out my video below for a quick demo.


We no longer support our old IPTV supplier NTV. We now have a new TV platform which is an improvement on the old system and also cheaper.

What does the MAG box offer?

The menu on your TV screen looks like the image below. When you select your channel it goes from preview to full screen with absolutely no delay. It’s instant and very snappy. You can filter different genres, add favorites, search and sort etc.


From here you can access 350+ premium channels from UK, USA, Scandinavia and other countries. You will be able to watch all of the following:

  • Live Sports from Sky Sports, BT Sport, ESPN, NFL, etc.
  • Thousands of movies from Sky Movies, HBO, etc.
  • All your favorite news and documentary channels
  • 14 day catch up most of the popular channels
  • Wide group of genres - kids, music, movies, sports, etc.
  • Video library with movies and TV shows on demand

The best place to buy the MAG boxes is Amazon. There are different models with the oldest one being the MAG 250. I own the MAG 254 which is the next model up.

After the MAG 254 came the MAG 256 and there are newer ones out now. The older MAG 250 and 254 models don't have built-in wireless so you have to hard-wire them with Ethernet.

To be honest, it's faster and more stable using LAN anyway.

Plans and Pricing

Prices start at €16.95 per month for Android/iOS. The MAG and Smart TV subscriptions start at €19.95 per month. All package prices are available on request.



2 Day Free Trials

We believe in our TV service and we offer free trials to anyone who wishes to try it before deciding on a package. Many IPTV providers don't offer free trials which always makes one suspicious.

Wrap Up

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. I usually respond within 24 hours.


8 thoughts on “Live and Catchup TV

  1. Derek G Stoddart

    Hello Craig

    We recently moved from South Cyprus to Northern Cyprus TRNC and have not bothered to set up my TV, as we spent most of our time outside in the great weather . Now that “winter” !! is here I have started to set up the system that I was using in the South – Film on (free version before they started to Charge ) and I have an MXQ Box and used a company called TRIOTEC who installed their software called CLEARSTREAM.

    The advantage of using their software was that they did automatic updates

    When we moved to TRNC I just subscribed to 2 Mps with NETHOUSE which was adequate for internet and emails, but for any streams there was a lot of bufferring, so I recently upgraded to 8 Mps but still get a lot of buffering so I think there is a problem with their system and will have to contact them and get it checked.

    Land lines here are almost impossible to get and also cost about 1000 Euros for installation so we have their Wi-Fi “dish” on our roof which is a single storey Bungalow, so think we are not getting a strong signal

    I read all your articles regarding Kodi and the problems from the large organisations and have registered with NTV and have a few questions for you regarding their service and my Box

    Being UK pensioners I cannot justify paying a large amount to receive UK TV so my first question is

    1) The option that we can afford is 14.95 GBP for 30 days which it states is for XBMC (Kodi) and web, but I am told that as I have an MXQ box which is android this option would work on my box ?? Is that correct

    2) I can understand that when buffering takes place then the video freezes and the sound ceases, but what I find now is that there is a problem when not buffering, the video continues but the sound ceases, and does not return !!! and the only way to get it to return is to return to the programme guide and reselect the channel

    Then it returns but often for only a couple of minutes and then ceases again ??
    Why is this happening, do I have a problem with my box ??

    On the subject of buffering, its almost impossible to watch BBC News without a large amount of buffering , Is this due to the problems you mention in your articles ?

    If I subscribe to NTV will I still get a lot of buffering ???


    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Derek,

      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for late reply, I was at a conference all day yesterday.

      I will try my best to address all the issues. Before I do that, did you receive the VPN subscription from our Prize Draw? You were our winner and I sent you the details for the 2 year PureVPN subscription. I didn’t receive a reply from you so please check your emails.

      1) You can use the 14.95 package on Android by using a STB emulator. Just go to the Play Store on your box and download Matrix TV Browser and MX Player. Both are free to download. You can then open Matrix TV browser and add your details. The server url is and you will then be asked to add your email address and password that you registered with NTV. I could give you a 3 day free trial but you haven’t registered through my link. At least I can’t see you in my customer base.

      2) It sounds like a combination of poor network speed and your box. Kodi recommends a min speed of 10Mb/s but with NTV you should see an improvement since they have better servers. They recommend a min speed of 5Mb/s. Best thing you can do is take the 3 day trial and see how it goes.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Derek G Stoddart

        Hello Craig,
        Thank you for your reply
        Firstly I must apologise for not contacting you regarding winning the VPN subscription, but life has been very frantic since we moved here in August.
        Apart from the upheaval of moving, the move from South Cyprus to Northern Cyprus has been complicated due the existing partition of the Island after the Invasion in 1974 by the Turks, many restrictions and regulations !!

        Mobile phone do not communicate between North and South !! how stupid is that. I have to have a UK mobile to contact my Daughter in the South.

        Also I am in the process of “Dumping “the useless Windows 10 and now have both a MAC Desktop and Laptop so trying to get all my large programmes onto the Macs (AutoCad, Corel, Photoshop etc ) plus my wife has a new tablet and mobile phone so my time is taken up with all that

        I am not sure if I registered with NTV via your link ??

        I have been monitoring the various different boxes that you review and am thinking of buying an additional box which I would like to do on Black Friday with all the Discounts as shown on your latest email

        Which one would you recommend so that I can use the 14,95 NTV package ?? I really do NOT want any box that uses Windows !!!!

        Your advice would be very helpful in helping me make a decision/purchase on Friday



        1. Craig Post author

          Hi Derek,

          No problem at all, I am just pleased you checked your email. I’ve had instance when people have won the prize draw and didn’t claim the prizes! Sounds like a bit of a nightmare moving to the North! I wish you well with that. Maybe once you get settled in things will improve.

          I use a Macbook myself and find it much better than my old Windows laptop. I was getting too many viruses and malware with Windows, even using an anti-virus software didn’t offer 100% protection.

          There are 2 Android TV boxes that I will recommend to you. Either of these will work great with NTV and other apps like Kodi or Mobdro. I have used both of them and I’ve never had an issue with performance. The Beelink GT1 has 2GB of RAM whereas the Tanix TX8 MAX has 3GB of RAM. Both are powered by Android 7.1 and they are priced at $62.99 on Geekbuying who deliver Worldwide free-of-charge.

          I have used Geekbuying many times and they are reliable, if a little slow with the free shipping (usually around 3 weeks). If you click on the links for these boxes you can view them on Geekbuying. I will get a small commission if you follow my links, it helps to maintain my website and at no extra cost to you.

          To use NTV with any Android device you will need to download a STB emulator. I use Matrix TV browser and MX Player, both of which can be downloaded from the Play Store on your Android box. They are are both free. Once you have installed them, open Matrix TV browser and add to the URL. Then you will add your email address and password that you registered with NTV. After that, you will have access to the channels.

          Let me know if I can help further.


  2. Derek G Stoddart

    Hello Craig

    I have used your link and ordered the TX8 , but at present it just states “order pending” so i hope that the order goes through OK.

    I am having it sent to a courier in the UK who will put it in the monthly container to southern Cyprus, and they then send it by local Cyprus courier to a place near the the border with northern Cyprus and I collect it once they have received it.

    I am then allowed to take it across the border duty free, so I probably will not get it until January

    In the meantime I will download the Matrix TV browser an MX player onto my existing box



    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Derek,

      Yes that’s normal and you should get confirmation next business day. The TX8 MAX is a great box and I’m sure you will enjoy it.
      Let me know how it goes with Matrix TV browser.


  3. Derek G Stoddart

    Hello Craig

    Not making any progress yet GreekBuying will NOT ship the unit I ordered see their email attached and my replies to the but they have NOT responded so not sure if I will ever receive it ??? I even requested DHL service. I am NOT impressed by them ….

    I subscribed to NTV 14.95 package but part of their details of my account do not work they are convinced that I am in TURKEY so it will NOT accept my Cyprus Mobile number or my UK mobile number

    Then when I try the programmes there is heavy buffering , freezing and most of the programmes including MOVIES stop at 21:35 hrs ???????????? and they just show stupid Football – which I HATE . I hope I have not wasted my money on NTV as the evenings are the ONLY time that we Watch TV

    I have emailed them but NO REPLY

    I attach copies of my emails to geek and NTV for your info in case you have any suggestions

    Matrix TV Browser and MX Player are working OK I Think ?

    From: GeekBuying Presale Support Subject: 4272467
    Date: 26 November 2017 at 11:53 AM
    To: GeekBuying Presale Support
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Thank you for shopping at Geek Buying!
    We were informed by our risk control department that your credit card Device Location
    country is TR but the shipping destination country is UK .
    This is to verify that the payment done using the credit card belongs to the same buyer.
    Kindly provide us with the following information before we can proceed with the shipment.
    1 Front and Back Pictures of your Credit Card
    (only need your name & the last 4 digits and the signature)
    2 Your Identification Proof (ID card / driver license or Passport)
    once the credit card name consistent with the credential’s name we has checked & confirmed all the information,
    we will ship your ordered goods to your provided address.
    Note: we only accept the photo of the actual credentials
    And didn’t accept photocopied or scan of credentials.
    Please keep the complete picture, don’t cut images
    make sure the copies of all the credentials provided are clear. Inconvenience regretted.
    Risk control department Sandy
    I replied saying I could not remember which card I used and I gave them some options so that I could supply the information that they requested – no reply


    Reading your email again you state my card is Turkish location – which I missed when i read it, so it must be my Ziraat Card starting with 4766. If that is correct then I will send you the information that you request


    Derek G Stoddart

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: “”
    Subject: Re: 4272467待查
    Date: 26 November 2017 at 22:00:26 GMT+2
    To: GeekBuying Presale Support


    Just to explain why the shipping address is the UK

    We lived for 4 years in Southern Cyprus but in August we moved to live in Northern Cyprus , but have discovered that incoming mail either takes 6 – 8 weeks to arrive or it does not arrive at al !!!

    Northern Cyprus in case you did not know is under the control of Turkey as they invaded Cyprus in 1974 so the Island is “partitioned” Greek Cypriots in the South and Turkish Cypriots in the North – TRNC

    So when I order from eBay, which is quite often I have goods shipped to a COURIER Company in the UK who run a Container service Once per month from the UK to Cyprus (Paphos Area ) see

    When goods arrive for me, the company then use a local courier service AKIS Express who send it to their Depot at Paralimni in the South very close to the border, and I drive across the border to collect it.

    This system works fairly well except the container takes almost one Month to arrive in Cyprus

    I can send you the Information you request but I do not know which credit card I used for the order

    If you could advise me if the card starts with 4462 or 4658 and I can then send you the Information


    Derek G Stoddart


    to ntv


    I have subscribed to your 14.95 package and started to instal it on my STB last night

    Firstly I will explain my location. I have recently moved from Southern Cyprus to live in Northern Cyprus (called TRNC )which is controlled by TURKEY since their invasion in 1974, so the island is partitioned.

    Due to their invasion the country is NOT OFFICIALLY RECOGNISED by the EU and other countries, so for example there is NO MOBILE communication between North and South – completely crazy !!! So I have a Mobile phone to use within the TRNC, plus one to use when in Southern Cyprus and a UK mobile which works in both sides ?

    Another example is that ALL MAIL in and out of TRNC goes via MERSIN 10 Turkey and takes 3-4 weeks

    1) On the details that are on my account I have given my address in TRNC but your system thinks I live in TURKEY !!!!

    2) If I put my telephone number here is TRNC as +90 533 880 4673. When I try to verify it I get a message saying “ error 001 – Authentication Failed”

    so I put my uk mobile which is +44 770 4324373 but I get the same error message ??

    Any suggestions ?

    I also still have a house in Southern Cyprus , would it be easier if I used that as my address and also my Southern Cyprus Mobile number, as they are in the EU

    3) Also there is only the option to add a MAG STB ? I have a MXQ Android box which I have installed and also installed
    MATRIX TV Browser. And also MX Player

    4) I then began to view some of the programmes and was confused to see that MOST of the programmes that I tried stated (until 21:35 hrs) and one of the programmes I was watching “great Railway journeys “ ended abruptly and football came on( which I HATE )

    Even the movies all finished at 21:35 hrs !!!!!! What is wrong with the NTV system when there are no programmes to watch in the evenings ??????
    There is NOTHING in your website which states this. Please explain.

    I do hope that I have not wasted my money ? As NTV were recommended. Also I get a lot of buffering , I have 8 Mbs which is the highest speed available in TRNC, and I get loss of sound although the video still plays

    I will get my ISP to come and check their system

    I have also just ordered a NEW STB which is a TX8 3Gb Ram and 32 GB but that will not arrive until Jan 2018 as it has to be shipped to the UK and then onto Southern Cyprus where I collect it


    Derek G Stoddart

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Derek,

      I’ll try to answer all your queries.

      NTV transmit broadcasts from Live TV channels. They don’t have control over anything that is broadcast but these channels don’t end in the evenings. I’m a bit confused why this happened? I do recommend a min speed of 10mb/s even though NTV say 5mb/s is good enough. It also depends on your connection with your ISP. If they are throttling your bandwidth that will have an effect. Have you tried using your VPN? That can help to bypass bandwidth throttling.

      Your tel number is optional. You don’t have to add that to your NTV account. Since you are using an Android box, there is no need to add that to your NTV account. The Add STB option is only for MAG boxes that have a MAC address. Android boxes don’t get added to your NTV account page.

      Regarding Geekbuying – I don’t know what to advise about this. I’ve never heard of this happening but if you adhere to their requests then I’m sure it will be resolved. It sounds like you have a lot of hurdles to get over in Northern Cyprus. I hope you can get your issues resolved. I will try my best to assist.


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