Live and Catchup TV

On this page you will find all the best information for watching UK TV abroad, Live and on-demand. I will be reviewing and promoting the best Live and Catch-Up TV which is currently available for watching UK TV outside of the UK.

IPTV on a MAG box is by far the best option for UK TV abroad that I have found. I urge you to seriously consider this, rather than going for a free UK TV abroad option. Remember, you are under NO OBLIGATION and you can cancel if you are not satisfied.

The free option (for example using Kodi) offers limited success. If like me, you want seamless high quality viewing with no buffering, then IPTV on a MAG box is the best option.

Check out my video below which provides a brief insight into using IPTV on a MAG TV box, outside of the UK.


IPTV on a MAG box

The menu on your TV screen looks like the image below. When you select your channel it goes from preview to full screen with absolutely no delay. It’s instant and very snappy. You can filter different genres, add favourites, search and sort etc.


There is more than 200 channels and more than 80 channels of 14 day Catch-Up TV. The small clock symbol on the left of the channel name means it has the Catch-Up service. I’ve been using IPTV since August 2016 and I am HUGELY impressed with how good it is.

  • Live sports with NO BUFFERING, Sky Sports, BT Sports, etc
  • Thousands of movies Live and ON DEMAND
  • All your favourite movie channels on SKY
  • Wide selection of genres, Kids, Music, Documentary channels etc.

The MAG TV boxes are not expensive. See The TV Boxes page where you can buy the box separately. Some of the IPTV suppliers also sell the boxes as part of the package with special deals on a regular basis.


My Recommended Suppliers 

NTV – Best for IPTV and seamless viewing


These guys offer a great IPTV service with a really good customer service team. They also have an online chat team to assist with any queries. They are my No. 1 choice for IPTV supplier.

Please note: For Spanish residents only you must register with White Label IPTV. They are a partner company of NTV and offer the same plans and pricing.

>>>Click here to see White Label<<<


Plans & Pricing

Their plans and pricing are standard for IPTV suppliers offering a super-fast dedicated server for hosting.

For one of the Premier Services you can get over 200 channels at only 29.95 Euros monthly. They have over 1000 movies ON DEMAND and their catch-up service is for 14 days! That means ALL PROGRAMMES for the last 14 days ready to watch any time you want.

For the full list of catch up channels click here.

Channels include Sky Sports (all), Sky Movies (all), BT Sports, etc. All Genres are covered.

They have a Video Club with 1000’s of movies or TV shows available on-demand.


Set-Top boxes

To buy the MAG box refer to The TV Boxes page on my menu above for more details.

When you buy the box you have to register it with us and we will give you the portal address to add to your set up. It’s really easy to do and you can watch live UK TV abroad instantly once the portal URL is added.

You need to register and get the approval code first. There are various packages available on NTV web site.



Legal disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that all of the channels shown by NTV are legal to view in your country. I do not accept any liability for channels that exist or are being added on a regular basis by NTV. This website merely highlights which services are available.

NTV offer a money back guarantee and ship Worldwide.

Quite simply, there isn’t a better IPTV supplier around.


PureVPN – a hugely popular quality VPN service

PureVPN offer VPN services Worldwide. They are one of the biggest VPN providers and are at the high end of the spectrum in 141 countries all over the World.

If you are using a free TV service like Kodi, it’s important to use a good VPN. There are several reasons for this. Click here to find out why you should be using one.






Please click here for my full review


British TV Anywhere – one of the best for VPN

British TV Anywhere offer a fantastic VPN (virtual private network) service with dedicated servers at a very affordable price. They also have a FREE TRIAL waiting for you.




British TV Anywhere allows you to watch UK TV abroad on a VPN which is built for streaming video on a dedicated server. They give you 7 servers for less than 17 cents a day! They also have 24 other servers to unlock content from USA, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Holland and more. This is different to IPTV but is also a good option if you are looking to keep costs down.


Their plans

watch-uk-tv-outside-ukWith the VPN service you can use it across multiple devices at no extra cost. IPAD, Android device, Phone, Laptop, etc are all viable for using with a VPN.

They give you automatic access to USA servers to allow you to watch UK TV in USA as well as unlocking restricted USA channels.

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