Kodi Box Warning after Electrical Safety First finds bad batch

By | November 16, 2017

This warning comes after an anti-piracy group funded testing. A Kodi box allows you to access content online but some devices are now fire hazards.

The headline is shocking but after reading an article in The Sun online I realized they were over-dramatizing it. Kodi boxes are big news just now and the crackdown continues on users accessing illicit content.

These latest safety tests were funded by FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) in the UK and Android boxes that were seized in raids across UK were found to fail British Regulations. These are now being classified as a fire risk by Electrical Safety First.

The Electrical watchdog tested generic Android boxes that are not branded. These boxes can be bought on the black market with Kodi pre-installed and already set up. They are calling them Kodi boxes but they are really just Android TV boxes with Kodi installed.

Often they come "fully loaded" with Kodi software and channels that stream sports and films. But following testing by Electrical Safety First, many manufacturing standards in these streaming boxes do not comply with British regulations and could put people at risk of electric shock. The problem lies with the power mode supply that connects to the mains, which makes them more likely to overheat or expose electrical current to someone handling the box. Nine boxes tested by Electrical Safety First in June failed the Electrical Equipment Regulations. The report stated: "The latest Electrical Safety First report into the risks associated with illicit streaming devices raises a wider concern around the safety of electrical goods that seem to provide consumers with a cheaper alternative, but which are potentially putting them at harm." - The Sun Online
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Kodi is free software which allows you to access third-party addons with links to live and on-demand content. You can access live TV channels from all over the World.

But these addons are being targeted by the authorities who are trying to get them blocked. In the UK now the internet providers are legally obliged to block these servers and it is already happening now.

Kodi is easily downloaded from the Play Store or the offical Kodi website. However, once installed you are left with a basic shell with no access to addons. Previously Kodi would be installed with several addons.

These have now been dropped by Kodi who are trying to stay out of the firing line.

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