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By | February 14, 2018

Watching television over an internet connection is now normal. You can get IPTV on a Smart TV with no other equipment required except for a router from your ISP. Read about the best IPTV service for your Samsung or LG Smart TV and discover what other features are included.​

Smart TVs have been around for some time now and you can sign up to various TV and VOD services like Netflix​, DirecTV, HULU, etc. but there is another way you can utilize your Smart TV.

Television subscriptions are expensive now, whether it's cable, satellite or other forms of transmission. In Malaysia we have Astro and HyppTV which are forms of IPTV​ (internet protocol television).

With companies like this you have to sign up for 2 years and it can be very expensive by the time you add on all the channels you want. But there is another cheaper and better way of watching IPTV.

Why Choose IPTV?


​Basically, if you are looking for the cheapest way of watching live and on-demand TV this is the way to go. Services like Netflix are great if you want to watch on-demand TV (VOD) content, but what happens when you want to watch a Live broadcast?

This is where our IPTV service is better. We offer Live TV channels and also VOD content. We also have a 14 day catch up service on most channels so if you go on vacation you can watch when you return.

With the advent of faster internet connections, it's now a feasible way of watching TV. This can replace your cable or satellite subscription and save you $$$$ in the long run.

Internet Speed Requirements

​You may be surprised here. Speeds of less than 10Mb/s are good enough to use this IPTV service and replace your cable or satellite.

Some IPTV providers will tell you that 2Mb/s is fast enough, but I wouldn't recommend less than 10Mb/s. You want at least that for a stable connection so that it stops any freezing.

I also recommend you hard-wire it via Ethernet. This will improve the stability​. Your Smart TV will have an Ethernet port at the back to connect directly to your router.

No IPTV service is perfect though and you may experience some niggling problems but these are generally due to server updates now and again. Not all IPTV services are the same though.

I have tried several and you can get providers that offer 5000 channels for not a lot of money, but the quality is very poor. Our service has less channels but focus on quality rather than quantity.

The Maximim channels is our Platinum package which comes with 500+ and includes non-English channels.

Which Channels are Available?


We have channels from UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Scandinavia. There's way too many to list here but you will be able to watch the following in SD and HD live and on-demand:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Boxsets
  • Golf
  • Scottish Premier League
  • English Premier League
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • ​Boxing
  • Cricket
  • XXX

  • Full channel lists are available on request, together with prices. For Smart TV the subscriptions start at €19.95 per month and we also give 2 day free trials so you can test the service on your Smart TV.

    This service only works on LG and Samsung Smart TV and is not available in the UK.

    How to Set Up for IPTV

    ​To use this service you need to install Smart STB App from the LG or Samsung Store. The App is free for 7 days. Thereafter you can choose to pay $2.55 monthly or take a lifetime subscription for only $27.

    Once the App is installed you need to regsiter an account with them on their website. Then login and click on GET ACCESS button. After that you will need to contact us for more information.

    We will need your VIRTUAL MAC address so we can set up your account. Full instructions will be forwarded to you. After that, you will have access to our 2 day free trial.

    Check out the video below which shows it working on a Smart TV. Sorry for the poor quality of video, it was taken on my mobile device.

    How Much Can You Save?

    ​Let's say you pay $100 for your existing cable TV subscription. If you sign up to our optimum package for Smart TV (Silver package), you can save $70 per month or $840 per year!

    With this IPTV service on your Smart TV you do not need anything else. You can cancel all other subscriptions like Netflix, HBO Now, DirecTV, etc etc.

    The VOD content alone has more than 72,000 titles to choose from and is updated on a daily basis. 

    Other Supported Systems

    If you don't have a Samsung or LG Smart TV, you can still watch on other brands of TV but you would need to connect a TV box. I know it probably goes against the grain if you have a Smart TV already, but you can still save heaps compared to cable or satellite.

    The monthly price would be the same as the IPTV app subscription. The only difference is you would incur one extra cost for the TV box. That would be a one-off though.

    The best device for watching IPTV is a MAG box. The MAG TV boxes can be purchased on Amazon​ or other online stores.


    Everything is the same as the Smart STB App. The menu and functions are all identical. You can use the Timeshift feature too for pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding.

    We also support Android and iOS devices too but these don't have access to the 14 day catch up feature. Plus, to use on these devices you need to install the StalkerTV App by Infomir. This is available from the Play Store​ and iTunes​.

    This App isn't free. Depending on where you are it ranges between $5 to $15 but it has a nice EPG and will also give you access to the VOD content.

    What's the Next Step?

    ​Take the free trial and test the service. You have nothing to lose and you can see how it works with your internet provider with respect to speed and stability.

    We are here to help you with any problems you may have.

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