How to Watch Rangers Game Live on IPTV with No Buffering

By | November 8, 2017

If you are a big Gers fan and desperate to watch the Rangers game live Worldwide, let me show you how I watch all the games with my IPTV service.

This system is guaranteed to work in every country outside of the UK. You will be able to watch all the games when they are televised on Sky Sports or BT Sport. My supplier also has HD channels and a 14 day catch up service.

I will also show you how you can watch the Rangers games on other systems that are free. However, I have tried these before and you always get buffering problems. My IPTV system is stable and great picture quality.

We are Rangers

​Everyone knows who the Rangers are. This isn't a fan site but I've been a bluenose all my life. I was the webmaster of a local supporters club once before. I've traveled all over Europe to see Rangers but now that I live in Malaysia it's not so easy.

My highlight was probably getting a ticket for Manchester in 2008. I was a member of the Travel Club back then and I had been to a few Euro games so I was delighted to get a brief for the UEFA Cup Final.

I just wish Walter had went for it that night, instead of sitting back too much. Anyway, it was a great achievement and Zenit had some quality players.

Watching Rangers Online

If you have ever tried to watch Rangers games on these free streaming sites you will know how frustrating it can be. Justin.TV was previously quite good for finding streams but that was a long time ago. 

There are other free streaming sites like FirstRowSports, MamaHD and FootballStreamings but you won't get the best quality and you may be inundated with adverts.

These sites also link to other sites and your device could be infected with malware. 

Watch Rangers TV Abroad


If you are overseas this could be a good option, but they don't show every game. This would allow you to watch it on your PC or laptop at the very least but I would rather watch the game on the big screen.

Rangers TV isn't expensive but I prefer to pay for something monthly and use it to watch other Sports channels. Plus, my system has a 14 day catch up so for midweek games or European games (dare I say it) I can watch the next day.

Watch Rangers on Kodi

This used to be an old favorite of mine. That was before I discovered an IPTV subscription. Back in the day I would watch the game on XBMC (the old name for Kodi) but I had to try and find a stream.

That usually involved searching through addons like SportsDevil or Navi X (now defunct). Then I could be faced with buffering issues so that meant searching for a better stream. I'm sure you've been there!

These days it's a whole lot easier with better addons. However, if you are in the UK your ISP is now probably blocking these streams due to the crackdown on piracy within certain Kodi addons.

Do yourself a favor and get a decent VPN. This will work and you can get PureVPN for only $3 per month. That will allow you to get past any blocked or geo-restricted servers.

Best Addons for Rangers Games

As well as Kodi you also have Mobdro which will give you access to Sky Sports and BT Sport, etc. There is also a Kodi addon for Mobdro called Mobdina. Details on how to install the Mobdina addon are on live TV on Kodi article.

Other decent addons for watching live sports include UKTurk Playlist, cCloud and SportsDevil. All of these include links to live sporting events including the Gers games, if they are televised of course.

Watch Rangers Games Abroad with IPTV Service


This is by far the best way to get the Rangers games. When I discovered my IPTV supplier in 2016 I even canceled my cable TV subscription here in Malaysia. They only showed the English Premier League games and no Scottish Premiership.

I even decided to start this website after seeing how good the IPTV service was. I wanted to share this with other expats who were overseas and couldn't get any decent UK TV.

Do you want a Free Trial for 3 days?

No problem. Just register below and then contact me.

What do you Need?

First, you need a decent internet connection. It doesn't have to be super fast but you should have at least 10Mb/s. My IPTV supplier recommend 3Mb/s for SD but I always recommend higher.

It will work on 3Mb/s but you may get some freezing and we don't want that when Kenny Miller is just about to shoot. Aye, that's happened to me many times.

My IPTV supplier are called NTV and they are based in Gibraltar. They support various devices and platforms including Android, iOS, Web, MAG TV Box and they have their own Kodi addon.

If you want to watch the games on your TV you have options. For live Rangers games only you could use an Android TV box or watch on Kodi. The online option (Web) only shows live broadcasts too. These start at €14.95 per month.

If you would like the live broadcast and catch up service you need to take a MAG TV box subscription. That means you need to buy the box in order to watch the catch up. These subs start at €29.95 but the quality is ace.

The MAG TV subs are blocked in the UK but you may be able to access NTV on Kodi or a STB emulator for Android if you are in the UK. There is a NTV Kodi addon which you could try with the 3 day free trial.

Check out my video below for more info on the MAG TV box.

The MAG box subscriptions also include a video library with 100's of movies and TV shows ready to watch on-demand. They don't record any Rangers games in the library but you can access them on the channel catch up.

If you want more details please check out my in-depth review showing the various platforms and packages. If you Register on NTV website below you can also see all their pricing plans on the website.

Remember, register first and then contact me for a 3 day free trial. You have nothing to lose and if you feel it's no good for the live games you are under no obligation to take a subscription. All you need to register is your email address.

NTV can also give you a trial, just contact them on their website live online chat. If they are offline you can contact me instead.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading and feel free to add any comments below. Are you a fan? What's your best Rangers game you've watched live?

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