How to Watch Live TV on Kodi with Access to Premium Channels

By | November 3, 2017

February 2017 saw the release of Kodi 17 with a new look. If you are a bit of a novice and struggling to watch Live TV on Kodi, here are your options.

We are all looking to keep costs down and Kodi is great for free TV. However, the buffering on live TV channels can sometimes be a bit of a pain and can lead to a lot of unwanted stress!

There's a few things you can do to help with buffering but sometimes it feels like we are in the lap of the Gods! It can be a hit or a miss and if you are trying to watch a live sporting event that is popular, it can buffer quite a lot.

This happens for a number of reasons but with the rapid advancement of internet technology we are seeing improvements.

In this article I will show you a few different things you can do to get the live TV channels, free of charge. I will also show you a subscription service on Kodi that can replace you cable or satellite subscription.

What is Kodi?


Kodi is open-source software which can be used to view media or live streams delivered over an internet connection. It is free to download and it can be used across several platforms.

It is compatible with Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows. The next version 18 will be called Leia after Princess Leia of Star Wars fame, played by the late Carrie Fisher. This version will be the first one to support 64-bit Windows.

You can download the latest version of Kodi from the Play Store or direct from the Kodi website. The installation only adds the basic version of Kodi so you will have to do the setup yourself.

Pretty much everyone has heard of Kodi but there may still be some of you who are not quite sure how to use it. Back in the day it was called XBMC (X-Box Media Center) but it has come on leaps and bounds since then.

All new versions of Kodi are basic installs only due to issues with copyright abuse. If you haven't used Kodi before it can be quite daunting unless you know how to set up the addons. I will show you how to do it in this article.

The Kodi Live TV Addons

​The addons I am going to show you can be used for accessing live TV channels and they also contain VOD (video on demand) content like movies and TV shows.

Before I show you how to install them, please remember that some of these may not be legal in your country. If you are in the UK they may even be blocked.

The ISPs in the UK are now under orders to block servers that access live channels that are subject to copyright. The only way to get around this is by using a good VPN.

You can get PureVPN for only $3.25 by clicking here. This is the VPN that I use and they are one of the biggest and best. You can also use it on all your other devices at the same time. They even have their own addon in Kodi which makes it super easy to use.

The following videos will show you how to install the repositories for individual addons. Later I will show you how to add a custom Kodi Build that installs a complete set of pre-configured addons that can give you access to everything.

How to Install Mobdina Addon

​Mobdina is a new addon that accesses Mobdro and delivers it in a Kodi interface. Mobdro is another free TV app that contains live Premium TV channels.

When you use Mobdro you don't get the option to select a stream, it automatically chooses the best one for you. The Mobdina addon is working well so far. Mobdro cannot be installed from the Play Store, it has to be sideloaded.


How to Install Adryanlist Addon

The Adryanlist addon includes IPTV lists of live TV channels. You can find channels from all over the World and they are updated on a daily basis.

I have previously used this addon to find channels that are inaccessible elsewhere. My wife is from the Philippines so this addon can be used for these channels.


How to Install UKTurk Addon

​UKTurk has been available on Kodi for a long time now. I really love this addon for Kodi and it has all the popular channels from the UK like Sky Sports, BT Sport, etc.

This addon performs really well compared to some of the other live TV addons, UKTurk is doing a great job with this one.


How to Install cCloud Addon

This is another great addon and you will be able to watch 1000+ channels from all over the World. They also have a lot of on-demand content including movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

If you were to install this addon you probably wouldn't need a custom Kodi Build. There is so many streams available here for all genres.


NTV Kodi Addon (not free)

Who are NTV?

NTV are based in Gibraltar and are an IPTV provider. They support all major platforms and they have their own Kodi addon. To use this service will cost you but you will get better quality streams and it's a super easy interface menu.

Why pay for an IPTV service on Kodi?

​The free Kodi addons for live TV are great but sometimes you can get a lot of buffering. This IPTV service includes better servers and requires lower internet speeds. 

Kodi recommends a minimum of 10Mb/s but NTV recommend only 3Mb/s. You are paying for better quality streams and they also have HD channels. You can read more on my other article which explains more about the different packages and platforms.

To use this NTV addon for Kodi you have to register first through my link below and you can get a 3 day Free Trial. Once the trial has expired it will cost you €14.95 per month to use with Kodi.

To use this Kodi addon you have to add your NTV accound details that you registered with. This will be your email address and password. You right-click on the addon then go to Settings or click Information>Configuration.

How to Add a Custom Kodi Build


​A Kodi Build like No Limits Magic will allow you to access more than you will ever need. It installs featured addons that gives you 1000's of streams from all over the World.

This is how I prefer to use Kodi and you can still add individual addons like the live TV addons or the NTV addon above. The video below shows you how to install the No Limits Magic build but there are other builds available.

It takes some time to download the build so I paused the recording whilst making the video. Once the installation is complete Kodi will exit. You need to restart Kodi and the new build should be installed. 

I am Here to Help

I hope you enjoyed the videos showing the different addons that can be used for live TV on Kodi. If you any questions feel free to contact me. I will do my best to help you in any way.

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