How to Watch Channel 5 Catch Up if you are Outside of the UK

By | March 12, 2018

If you are a UK expat overseas and wondering how to watch channel 5 catch up let me show you the best way to do this. It's time to stop messing around with a VPN on your tablet and change the way you watch TV for good. You can access the catch up on a lot of UK channels.

My5​ is the name of the catch up service on Channel 5 now. It was previously called Demand 5 but it has now been rebranded and you can also get catch up for 5 STAR and 5 USA through My5.

That's great if you are in the UK, but how do you watch it if you are living overseas? I have friends who are still trying to bypass geo-restrictions using a VPN. Whilst this is feasible it isn't the best way of watching TV.

The system I am going to tell you about can give you easy access to a catch up service on Channel 5 and other UK TV channels, plus it's a 14 day catch up compared to 7 days on My5.

Catch Up and Five Live!


When I realized you could get better quality TV overseas with an IPTV subscription it completely changed the way I watch TV. Prior to that I was trying to access UK TV channels on the internet or using Kodi.

Kodi is a free TV app that has live streams plus a lot of on demand movies and TV shows. Whilst it's great for on demand material the live channels are not reliable. There are several similar apps like Mobdro and Show Box that offer similar services.

With this IPTV service you can access channel 5 live and also on demand. It's without a doubt the best way to watch TV if you are an expat overseas. Plus, you will be able to watch other programs live and on catch up like Match of the DaySnooker on BBC and Emmerdale on ITV.

System Requirements

The IPTV service is compatible with MAG TV boxSmart TV (LG and Samsung), Android and iOS devices. The 14 day catch up is only available on MAG TV box and Smart TV.

Android and iOS devices will give you access to the live channels and VOD content but not the catch up. The MAG box and Smart TV subscriptions offer so much more with a nice EPG to access all the channels.

Minimum Internet Speed: I recommend at least 10Mb/s for your internet speed. If you purchase a MAG TV box it can be connected to your TV via HDMI and you should also hard-wire it to your router for a more stable IPTV service.

I could sit here and recommend 5Mb/s or even 2Mb/s like some IPTV providers say, but I won't do that. If you can't get 10Mb/s you will face issues with freezing from time to time especially at peak periods.

Remember, you are investing in an IPTV service to replace your existing cable or satellite service so you don't want to settle for inferior internet speeds since this will be the most important part of your new TV system.

MAG TV boxes can be purchased online and shipped Worldwide. Please contact me for more details on the boxes.

EPG for Easy Access

All of the live channels are accessed from the EPG. It's very similar to cable or satellite systems and it has program guide information too. The menu for MAG box and Smart TV looks like below.


You also access the catch up channels from here by pressing the right key on your remote. You can then choose which program you want and go back as far as 14 days.

The yellow icon before the channel name indicates that it has catch up on the particular channel.

These programs are automatically recorded and stored on servers so you don't have to worry about recording anything if you go away on holiday. Plus if you are in a different timezone the catch up will be handy.


Here's the good news. Depending on where you are you're probably paying a minimum of $60 per month for TV that you don't even watch! If you are Stateside you could be paying up to $200 per month!

The prices for this IPTV service start at only €16.95 p/month for Android/iOS and €19.95 p/month for MAG/Smart TV. The highest subscription is Platinum at €39.95 p/month.

The optimum package is probably Gold at €29.95 and this will give you access to 275+ live channels including Channel 5. There is also a huge on demand section containing 72,000 titles.

Choose from movies, boxsets, TV shows, documentaties, adult, kids, etc. The content is updated every day when new titles are released.

Free Trial

If you have one of the compatible systems above there is a 2 day free trial available for everyone. Just contact us to request the trial. Please let us know which system you are using.

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Note: This service does not work in the UK.


If you are looking for cheaper alternatives for Channel Five catch up and don't want to replace your existing TV system then you could use a VPN.

You will need a VPN subscription not a free service because these can't bypass geo-blocks. They have limited servers and in most cases limited monthly bandwidth.

One VPN provider that works well is PureVPN. They are widely recognized as one of the biggest and best VPN providers and have more than 1 million customers, including myself.

Check out the video below showing how to watch catch up from overseas. The first thing you have to do is connect to a UK server on the VPN, then open up the My5 website. Unfortunately you will have to watch the adverts first.

PureVPN can be used across 5 of your devices simultaneously and is compatible with all common platforms like Windows, Android, MAC, iOS, etc.

We have teamed up with them to get you a special offer for only $1.91 per month.

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Join the global community of 1 million plus users. This number is a testament to our dependability, availability, & the level of trust that people have on PureVPN.

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