New Google Android TV Box Just Around The Corner?

By | August 18, 2017

Reports are still not confirmed but rumors are rife that we could be getting a new Google Android TV box this year. Or at least a Google-backed TV box.

What does this mean for us, the consumer? Well, we know that Google have been working behind the scenes to develop a new remote app.

This could be something that has more control over our home media system or it may even be a voice activated application. Maybe something that offers more of a challenge to Amazon Alexa Voice recognition?

Of course, it is more likely that Google may be developing a new TV box with Xiaomi again. This would be a newer model of the Mi box.


The original Mi box was very popular but the technology is quite dated now so a newer model is long overdue.

Personally, I would prefer to see Google going it alone and releasing a brand new Google TV box, without jumping in bed with another developer.

Players We Expect to Come Out

The New Android TV Device

Cord Cutters News has talked to several sources who have told us that a new Android TV device will be coming out this fall. Now there is some confusion as to whether this will be a Google player like the Nexus because we are starting to believe that it will be just a Google-backed player.

As best we can tell Google is working with a third-party company to build an updated device similar to the Mi Box. Don’t expect anything special here but do expect it to likely be one of the first devices to officially offer the new Android TV User Interface.

Details are thin and this is the device we are least confident about but do have several good sources telling us one is in the works.
– Cord Cutters News

According to Cord Cutters News website, there’s a few devices that are more likely to be released this year. These include the Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

Do people still buy Apple TV? I am a former owner but when Android TV boxes came out I basically ditched my old Apple TV.

Maybe this has something to do with me switching to Android with my cell phone. I live in South East Asia and the Android invasion really kicked off here.

The Fire TV is expected to be released towards the end of this year. However, we won’t be getting a new model of the Fire Stick. The Amazon Fire TV is in direct competition with Roku Media Players so this is probably the reason for the new model.

It’s predicted that the new Google TV box is going to include the new Android TV Interface.


The new interface will be divided up into channels, as Google is calling them. Apps like YouTube will get their own channel (well, Google does own YouTube).

It’s reported that Google want to improve access to the content for us consumers and there will also be a channel for recently viewed items.

This appeals to me and a lot of you I’m sure. How many times do we have to search for TV Shows looking for the next episode?

I do this on a weekly basis. If we have recently watched items it would make it a whole lot easier.

The new interface will also be customizable, which isn’t too much of a surprise. Google are also considering adding live TV channels for consumers who subscribe to these services.

It’s not clear what this entails but it will be interesting to see how it looks when it is eventually released.

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