Covenant Kodi Addon becomes the Latest Casualty in 2017

By | November 17, 2017

​If you were a fan of Exodus you probably loved the Covenant Kodi Addon. That effectively replaced Exodus but after legal threats the plug has been pulled.​

It seems like Kodi is in the news on a daily basis and addons are starting to drop like flies. The large broadcasting corporations are joining forces to try and break this trend in illicit streaming.

Kodi is the target with the third party developers in the cross-hairs. The Covenant addon was great for watching on-demand movies and TV shows but when the developer jsergio123​ was delivered a cease-and-desist letter he decided to call it a day.

This letter was hand-delivered in the UK by the MPA/MPAA's Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. He then went on to tweet his disappointing news to all his followers.


Kodi in the News

​The story was reported in Tech Radar who also advised that other addons had also been shut down. It's difficult to see where Kodi addons go from here but contrary to what Tech Radar says, there are reports of a replacement for Covenant already.

A number of high-profile, hugely popular Kodi add-ons have been forced to shutdown due to legal threats against a developer in the Kodi community. Add-ons including Covenant, Bennu and DeathStreams have ceased to function properly, as the creator of their underlying Colossus repository (the software that allows them to source and make sense of videos hosted across the internet) ended operations on his part of the chain. This includes the development of the URLresolver and Metahandler software which many third-party apps rely on. - Tech Radar

It's all a bit hush-hush but one user broke the news on a TVAddons report in the comments section. He was very coy but did say that someone was already working on a replacement.

Covenant will be sorely missed but we have other addons that also do the same. Elysium is a decent one and provides simiar content to Covenant. For how much longer nobody knows but surely the broadcasting companies can't keep threatening developers with legal action all the time?

The logistics are too much to think about, especially since these addons are always popping up. How can they cope with the intensity and volume?

The War on Kodi

​It sounds a bit dramatic but this is what is actually happening. In the UK the internet providers are now legally obliged to block servers that host content subject to copyright. 

It all started because people were selling Android TV boxes that were fully-loaded with Kodi. This means they had already installed third-party addons like Covenant that could access licensed material.

Channels like Sky Sports, BT Sport were being streamed illegally through these addons. They suddenly realized the potential revenue they could lose and started legal action to try and get these streams halted.

That meant going through the British and European courts and they finally got legislation passed that deemed these streams as illegal. That meant they could start to take action and the first step was to block the streams through the ISPs.

The British authorities already are entitled to snoop on any citizen of the UK when they are online. The Snoopers' Charter​ was passed in 2016 which gave them surveillance powers never seen before this century.

This latest setback for free TV lovers certainly won't be the last.

End the War

​If you think this sounds rather dramatic it's because it's supposed to be! The reason addons like Covenant are being shut down is because the authorities and broadcast companies know what people are accessing.

It's time to start using a VPN folks! Never has there been a better time to get onboard with one. It's a bit of a no brainer and more Kodi users are turning to VPNs to access content that is blocked.

The servers that are blocked in the UK can only be accessed with a VPN connected. That will mask your IP address and your internet provider won't be able to tell what you access and therefore won't know to block it.

I pubished an article recently which shows you how to remove the blocks and keep them off. The kodi addons blocked in UK​ are accessible if you follow my advice.

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The Apocalypse


The end is nigh but are free TV apps like Kodi doomed? It's not clear if Kodi can survive this or is it? Because it is open-source it is easy for third-parties to abuse it, but open-source is here to stay isn't it?

It's akin to saying a laptop is illegal because you can access material that is subject to copyright. I mean, where does it all end? The authorities would have to go through the courts in every country and ban open-source software.

It ain't gonna happen, but where does this leave Kodi?

I'm of the thinking that we will continue to see addons closing and new ones basically replacing the old ones. But this can only go on for so long before a new strategy is adopted.

It may result in Kodi adding Digital Rights Management (DRM) to their software. This controls access rights and could be used to prevent third-party addons from being installed if they contain illegal links.

It has already been mooted by Kodi but this goes against the grain for me. After all, what was Kodi invented for if not internet freedom for everyone?

Keeping Addons Updated

The best way to ensure your addons are all working is by using a custom Kodi build. These are updated regularly so if addons come and go, when you update the build it will be refereshed with the latest addons.

​If you don't want to use a Kodi build sign up to my free newsletter and you will be the first to be notified of news in our community. You will also get automatic entry into all our monthly prize draws.

When Kodi addons like Covenant are closed down I will email you. When new replacements are added you will also be notified.

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One thought on “Covenant Kodi Addon becomes the Latest Casualty in 2017

  1. Patrick

    It’d sure be nice if these cable companies would realize that the reason people are so drawn to illegal streaming is because of the astronomical prices they charge for their content. Maybe if they lowered their prices to something reasonable they wouldn’t have to spend so much time and money on legal fees fighting things like Kodi…

    1. Craig Post author

      I agree Patrick. When something becomes too expensive consumers start looking at alternatives.


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