Best Streaming Device To Replace Cable And Cut Your Monthly Bill

By | October 30, 2017

Cable TV is expensive. We can agree on that. Let me help you find the best streaming device to replace cable and you can finally save $$$. No contract.​

The system I am going to tell you about​ is strictly no contract. Not only that, they give you a 3 day FREE trial to test it for yourself. Plus, they have a 14 day catch up service so you can sell your DVD recorder too!

I live in Malaysia and I was previously signed up with Astro TV. The subscription was costing around $60 (USD) per month which doesn't sound a lot. But I desperately wanted TV channels from UK and USA.

When I discovered NTV I decided to start this website to share this exciting news with fellow expats all over the World. I had some previous experience with web design so I knew the basics.

What I didn't know was how popular my IPTV provider would become! I now have customers from every corner of the World and I am so pleased I decided to share this.

The Standard Cord Cutters


​You may read about these on several websites. I am of course talking about the streaming devices that have been doing the rounds for the last few years.

Roku media players running Netflix or HBO Now, Amazon Fire devices with Amazon Video, etc. These are hugely popular and offer a decent service but they don't come close to my IPTV supplier.

These devices were built for VOD (video on demand). Services like Netflix and Amazon Video are still offering on-demand content but if it is live TV you are interested in, you need to check out my provider.

Some of these TV services are not expensive. Netflix is very affordable but why pay for VOD content when you can watch it for free on Kodi? These streaming devices will work with Kodi, it's only really live TV channels where Kodi falls down.

Best Alternative To Cable TV

​Before I discovered NTV, I had to use Kodi (or XBMC as it was known then) to watch UK or US channels live. This wasn't ideal because I always faced problems with buffering.

The internet wasn't very great then but it has improved immensely over the last 12 months. Back in the day, I would access Kodi on my Android device as a back up to my cable TV system.

Then I discovered an IPTV subscription on a MAG TV box. What's a MAG TV box you may ask? It's a streaming device that is built for IPTV. The system is Linux-based but it offers a user-friendly way of watching TV.

The MAG box allows you to access content that is stored on a server. For instance, NTV also have a Video Library containing Movies and TV Shows that are available to view on-demand.

This can only be accessed on a MAG box, not the other platforms that are also supported. To be able to access recorded programs that go back 14 days is something I have always dreamt of.

The MAG box is really easy to use and once you have the box in your possession there is very little set up. This is great if you're not a tech head like me.

Living overseas has its pros and cons. The biggest disadvantage is the time difference to the UK so if I am interested in watching a live sporting event it can involve burning the midnight oil.

But, with the catch up feature I can watch it the next day when I wake up. To access the catch up is easy. You go to the channel that the program was on and press the right button on the remote.

This opens an EPG interface that lists all the recorded programs. You then scroll to the recorded program and press the okay button on your I/R remote. It is that easy.


The Prices for NTV

The MAG TV Box subscriptions start at €29.95 per month for the English package. If you opt for the Android English package the price would be €14.95 per month.

They have different packages available but any one of them could replace your cable TV subscription but if you still want access to your local channels there is another option.

This involves using a hybrid TV box with an external antenna. More on that later.

How to get FREE cable TV for 3 days

​This is a tad misleading, for that I apologize. You don't actually get cable TV, but you do get access to the channels. We all like something free don't we? Well I do anyway.

NTV support various platforms and the 3 day trial is available across all of them. For the purpose of this article I will focus on the MAG TV box since it offers the most. If you want more information on other platforms please contact me.

How to get the NTV trial on a MAG box:

  • Register for free with NTV through the link below. Add your email address and choose a password. 
  • Add the NTV portal to the MAG box (I can assist with this if you contact me).
  • Send your MAC address which is on the label on the underside of the box.

Once the MAC address is received I can then hook you up with the 3 day trial and you will have access to 350+ TV channels from UK, USA, Canada, Scandinavia and a few others.

The TV Channels

​If you opt for the Ultimate Package you will have access to 350+ channels. The English package gives you 200+ channels. This is the package that I subscribe to.

You get premium channels like Sky Sports Main Event, BT Sport 1, 2 & 3, NFL Network, NBA TV, HBO Now, Sky Movies, TSN, SportsWorld, Fox Sports, Sky Sports Football, etc.

The channels are available in SD mostly but they do have some HD channels. I tend to avoid these because they use more bandwidth. I find the SD channels are almost as good.

For a full list of channels you can check out NTV website but here's a little snippet showing some of them.


What About Multi-Room?

​Hold the Press! Let me tell you how I can watch TV in my main living room and also access the TV channels in my bedroom. All using the same account so I only pay for one subscription.

The key here is the MAG box subscription. When you sign up to this (month by month, not on a contract) you can access the channels on other devices.

So, what I do is use my MAG box for the living room and in my bedroom I have an Android TV box plumbed in to my TV and accessing NTV through a STB emulator on wireless.

What's that you may shout? A STB emulator is software that emulates a set top box (STB). With NTV, it's a simple case of downloading Matrix TV Browser and MX Player from the Play Store and hey presto! You have access to all the live TV channels.

Please note, this won't include the 14 day catch up or the VOD content but you will get full access to all of the channels that are in your subscription.

Customer Service Live Chat

​NTV have an online chat so if you do encounter any technical issues you can contact them immediatley. It's not 24/7 so please bear this in mind. 

NTV are based in Gibraltar which is a British territory island off the coast of Spain. For that reason this service doesn't work in Spain and it is blocked in the UK.

If you are in Spain you can use their sister company White Label. NTV also update their website regularly if there are any issues so before shouting for help it's worth checking the home page to get the latest updates.

Why Watch TV Without Cable or Satellite?

​There's plenty reasons why you may be attracted to streaming TV over the internet. With the rapid advancement in internet technology we can now stream more effectively.

More and more countries are harnessing this technology instead of cable or satellite. You no longer need to stick an ugly dish on the outside of your wall or wait for a cable provider to supply your area.

Another reason is to keep costs down. Cable and satellite TV prices are on the rise and some of the prices are getting ridiculous. I had one customer in the UK who was paying almost £200 per month.

Unfortunately I could't get him hooked up with NTV but I did explain to him how he could get the channels on Kodi. If you are Stateside you are possibly paying upwards of $100 per month and you will no doubt be tied into a contract for 2 years!

With NTV there is no contract. You can pay monthly or sign up for longer if you want to get a small discount. I should mention that there are other IPTV suppliers out there but I haven't found one that can match NTV for quality.

How to get Basic TV Without Cable

This is possible and you could get free-to-air local channels and use the same system to watch NTV premium channels.

If you use a hybrid Android TV box like the WeTek Play 2 this would allow you to access your local channels wherever you are in the World - absolutely free of charge.

Of course, you will need an external antenna which should be connected to the TV tuner on the WeTek device. 

You could also access NTV by installing Matrix TV Browser on the Play 2. This will give you free TV channels and the NTV premium channels - WIN WIN!

If you decide to go down this road you wouldn't get the catch up channels but your subscription would only be €14.95 per month.

Wrap Up

If you think I have harped on too much about NTV, don't take my word for it. You have nothing to lose by taking the trial. If you don't have a MAG TV box or Android TV box you could even take the trial and watch the channels online with an internet browser.

Proprietor at UK TV Services Abroad
I am a UK expat who has lived overseas since 1997. I started this website to help fellow expats who are trying to watch UK TV abroad. I built this website for free with the help and support of a wonderful online community. Click here if you want to read my profile. It's free to join and you can build 2 websites for free.

12 thoughts on “Best Streaming Device To Replace Cable And Cut Your Monthly Bill

  1. Matts Mom

    This all sounds wonderful! I have been wanting to get rid of my darn cable. Right now I am paying close to $100 for TV, with no extra channels. Between the ridiculous satellite TV rates and the cell phone rates, it mounts to about $250 a month. Is this service also available in the U.S.? Or are there options for us? I would really like to make the “switch” and just do something simple and not so expensive. I really don’t watch much TV but would like the local channels.

    1. Craig Post author

      $100 seems to be the going rate in the U.S. but I believe some people are even paying more than that. Yes this service will work anywhere, it’s only the UK that is blocked. You will be able to get the local channels if you use a hybrid TV box with TV tuner and external antenna. Only the freeview channels unless you take a subscription.

      If you are a bit unsure, you can always try it for 3 days at no cost to you. Just contact me and I will get you set up.

      – Craig

  2. Owain

    This sounds great Craig and I am really interested in getting one of these MAG boxes. I would like to get live broadcasts but if this is not possible then I will gladly settle for this instead.

    Do you think in time that live broadcasts would be possible? I understand that this service just shows videos stored within a library, but I just wonder if this next step is possible?

    Live streaming would probably mean though a lot of buffering I suppose. So maybe this is the next best thing.

    Multi room does sound a little complicated but I think I could get my head around it.

    The 3 day trial does put me off though. I would prefer a longer trial. Do you think that they would extend it?

    Thanks mate.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Owain,

      Live broadcasts = live TV channels. This is exactly what NTV supplies. The channels are all live and streaming over the internet. That’s the beauty of it, the MAG box is designed to stream video (live and on-demand) over the internet at lower speeds than other devices.

      You will struggle to get a longer free trial elsewhere. Most IPTV providers only offer 24 hours and some don’t even offer free trials. If you struggle with the multi-room concept just give me a shout. I’ll walk you through it.

      – Craig

  3. simon

    This looks like a great offer that you have here. Thanks very much for all of the easy to understand info on one of the best streaming devices. It is highly appreciated. I found the video to be very descriptive and valuable to me as well. I now feel like I know a lot more. So, again, thank you.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Simon,

      You are very welcome. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to share your thoughts. I truly hope you can find time to take the free trial at the very least. If you have an existing streaming device I can get you set up right away.


  4. Dieter

    We are so overloaded with the number of channels offered and to be honest how many of them are we really watching? 1-3 in my case, all the other I personally don’t even see frequently. Especially since my timings are late night, what is showing late night?

    Any device with a recording feature would do for me, but even I could see that I watch partially something from interest, so if I can have this even mobile, perfect, bought.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Dieter,

      That’s the beauty of the catch up feature, you no longer need to record anything. Sometimes we may miss something on cable TV or forget to record it. This streaming device will automatically store it on the server, ready to watch whenever you want.

      Let me know if you want a free trial.

  5. Heidi

    I have a question. I clicked on the link to Kodi. I had never heard about it, maybe because I don’t watch TV but everything via internet. So my question: are these devices and other suggestions you give here exclusively for Television? Or are they also for internet access to whatever channels? Sorry, I am a little confused about all that stuff.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Heidi,

      Kodi was previously called XBMC and it wasn’t really well known until the last couple of years. It’s used for accessing streams for IPTV and also for VOD (video on demand). You can also use it as a media player if you have your own library. You need internet access of course, that’s the whole basis behind IPTV (internet protocol TV).
      Hope this helps.


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