Best Kodi Addon for Live TV in 2018 Plus Some Alternatives

By | January 18, 2018

Kodi is great for watching on-demand content but you can also use various addons for watching live TV. Kodi is ever-evolving so you want an addon that is consistent and has stood the test of time. Discover the best addon and I'll also give you some alternatives.

Kodi seems to have been around forever. I've been using it for a good few years long before it was easily available to download from the Play Store or iTunes Store.

In the old days it was knows as XBMC (X-Box Media Center) and the concept was the same. You could install third-party addons and use them for accessing live and on-demand content.

Kodi Version 17 Krypton

When Kodi version 17 came along the layout changed quite dramatically and thrird-party addons were no longer included in the installation. This was due to copyright issues and lawsuits being raised against third-party developers like TVAddons and several others.

Kodi was under attack and steps were taken to avoid prosecution and keep the software open-source​. The lawsuits were mainly aimed at third-party addons​ that accessed live streams subject to copyright.

In the UK it became so much of an issue that the large broadcasting companies joined forces and even went to the British and European courts to stop these servers being accessed.

It's now under the jurisdiction of the ISPs to block anyone trying to access servers that host so-called illegal streams that show live football matches or any channel that is usually accessed with a subscription.

Unblock Kodi content

A lot of people can no longer access these streams in the UK but they probably don't know that a VPN​ can access content that is normally blocked.

Connecting to a VPN would allow you to access live TV addons that broadcast live TV channels on Kodi. There's various ways to use a VPN​ and this can be used with a VPN client on a router​ but the simplest way is just to connect to the app on your TV box or device.

This then protects your identity and unblocks any content that you access online, whether it is by web browser or other app. More on that later.

Best Addon for Live Channels


UK Turk's Playlists

As I mentioned earlier, if you are looking for an addon that accesses live channels you want one that isn't going to disappear any time soon.

The scrutiny that developers have been subjected to in 2017 has meant a lot of addons disappearing. Developers have been threatened with legal action and told to remove their addons.

One of the latest developers to face this legal action is Shani. He was the author for Zem TV​ which was a fantastic addon for live sports and Asian content.

The American broadcast provider Dish Network recently submitted a complaint which implicated Shani in a law-suit. He is now trying to raise funds to mount a defence. According to him, at no time did he ever profit from his addon, it was merely a hobby.

One addon which hasn't been taken down is UK Turk Playlist. This addon has been around for a very long time and offers live and on-demand content. It is one of the few addons that has stood the test of time.

For how much longer nobody knows but it's still working to this day. Others are less consistent and can be a hit or miss if they work or not. Check out my video below which has instructions for the installation.

You can see from the video above there are plenty live TV channels available, not just live sports but movies and freeview channels like ITV, Channel 4, etc. plus there are several premium channels.

Depending on where you live, these channels may or may not be blocked. If you are in the UK I'm fairly certain you won't be able to access them without a VPN account.

Alternatives to UK Turk's Playlist

There are other addons that offer live TV channels for various live streams, be it sports, movies or TV shows. cCloud is one such addon but it has been a bit inconsistent recently.

Another good one is Mobdina which scrapes content from Mobdro TV app so it can be accessible inside Kodi. Mobdro is another free TV app but it isn't available to download from Play Store. It has to be side-loaded with the APK file.

A better alternative to using Kodi or Mobdro is with an IPTV service but these are not free. The quality is far superior though and there is no searching for streams that work one day then don't the next.

I will explain a bit more at the end of this article.

Best VPN for Kodi and other apps

The good news is that a VPN isn't expensive. For 2018, I have teamed up with PureVPN to get my readers the best deal possible. You won't find a better deal and with PureVPN you can use it across all of your devices up to a maximum of 5.

They also have a money back guarantee if you are not happy with their service. I've been using them since 2016 and would highly recommend them.

Let's check out a quick comparison with other VPN providers.

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IPTV - A Better Alternative

With an IPTV supplier you get all the live TV channels you want and a lot of channels in HD. There is very little buffering because you are paying for a high quality service.

The good news is the price. If you are outside of the UK you can get access to 100's of channels from UK, USA and European countries for prices starting at only €16.95 per month.

There is also a 14 day catch up feature which means you will never miss another program. On top of that, there is a VOD (video on demand) library with 72,000 titles ready to watch whenever you want.

Still interested?

You can read more on my other article about this great new TV service for expats Worldwide or contact me for more details.

Wrap Up

There will be other third-party Kodi addons that other users prefer but I've chosen UK Turk's Playlists purely because of its consistency and age.

I hope you found this information useful and feel free to leave comments below.

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