Best IPTV Provider for USA with Monthly Packages and No Contract

By | October 19, 2017

2017 has seen a huge change in how we watch TV. Discover the best IPTV provider for USA and Worldwide with no fixed contracts and flexible packages.

The future of television is changing now we have IPTV (internet protocol television). With the improved technology on the internet, it's now feasible to have video delivered via an internet connection.

High speed Ethernet connections and fiber optic now means a lot of consumers are switching to an IPTV service. In the USA your cable TV can be expensive and an IPTV subscription can save you a lot of $$$.

I've had experience with many IPTV providers but I now believe I have discovered the best one for me. In South East Asia, my IPTV supplier works great but that doesn't mean it works the same everywhere.

I have a lot of customers who use NTV in USA and the feedback I get from them is good. If you have a decent internet connection you can cut that cord!

Internet connections and server speeds can vary but here is the good news...

You can have a Free Trial for 3 Days!

Okay, now that I have your attention please allow me to outline what is on offer and how much it costs. You can then do a comparison with your cable or satellite TV supplier and calculate just how much money you can save.

How Does an IPTV Service Work?


There's various ways you can watch live channels with IPTV. My preferred methods are on an Android TV box and/or a MAG TV box. With my IPTV subscription on a MAG box, I also get access to a 14 day catch up so there is no more recording programs to watch later.

The MAG or Android box is connected to your TV via HDMI and then you have to connect to your network either by wireless or Ethernet. Hard-wiring wwith Ethernet will give you a faster and more stable connection.

Here in Malaysia there's a lot of national companies who supply IPTV services now. Satellite and cable TV is less popular than it was previously and there is no need to sign up for a long term contract.

Of course, some IPTV providers still want you to sign your life away but not my supplier. They provide a remote service and are not hands-on in any country as such. However, you can pay monthly with no fixed term.

NTV - My Preferred IPV Provider

NTV are based in Gibraltar which is an overseas British territory off the coast of the Iberian peninsula. They have a live online customer chat on their website for any technical or sales issues.

I have used several IPTV services from other companies and whilst NTV are not the cheapest, they are the most reliable and consistent that I have found so far.

How to Get the Free Trial

This is the easy part. First, you have to register on the NTV website. Registration is free and all they need is your email address and a password. Phone number is optional. In order to get the trial from me, you must register through the link below.

Once you have signed up with your email address, keep a note of your password because you will need that each time you log on to pay for a package (if you continue once your trial has expired).

Next thing to do is contact me or get in touch with NTV via their online chat. If you want the trial on your MAG box, you will need to add the portal address which I can give to you. I will also need your MAC address which can be found on the box label.

If you don't have a MAG TV box you can buy on Amazon. There is no need to wait until you have it, you can still register now and when the box comes I can hook you up with the trial.

IPTV Prices and Packages

The cheapest plan starts at €14.95 per month which is approx. $18. This gives you access to 200+ channels from USA, UK and Canada. This plan won't give you the catch up service though, that is only available on a MAG subscription.

The MAG subscription starts at €29.95 or approx. $36 which I'm sure is less than you pay for your cable TV right? They do have other packages designed to suit every budget.

The Channels for USA

The list is quite long but I wanted to show you the full list. They have NFL Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, Fox Sports 1 and 2, MLB Network, CBS Sports Network, etc.

They have HBO movie channels, CNN, ABC, CBS HD, etc. They have a range of SD and HD channels but in my opinion it's never going to be true HD when delivered over the internet. The quality is still good and can easily replace any cable TV subscription.

They have different channels for different packages but the channels for the English package are shown below. This is the cheapest subscription for the MAG box. The channels are from USA, UK and Canada mainly.


IPTV on different platforms

The platforms supported are iOS, Android, Kodi, MAG and Internet Explorer. To get the channels on your TV you will need a TV box either MAG or Android is preferred.

If you choose the English package on the MAG box you can also access your channels online or on an Android device. There is no need to pay 2 x subscriptions but you can only use one MAG box per subscription.

If you take the English package at €14.95 you won't be able to use it on a MAG box but you can view your TV channels online via NTV website.

Final Thoughts

I hope this has helped you discover how to cut that cable and start saving money with an IPTV provider! If you need any more information feel free to contact me.

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