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By | October 6, 2017

​If you are looking for an IPTV free trial, check out NTV who offer a full 3 days. You can use this on almost any platform including Kodi and Android OS.​

It's quite rare to find an IPTV supplier who are prepared to give you more than 24 hours to test their product. I think that says a lot about their confidence in the quality of their system.

I have been using NTV since July 2016 and I find them to be the most reliable and consistent. They are not the cheapest but I don't want to use a cheap IPTV service if it's going to freeze all the time. I can get that with Kodi for free.

In this article, discover a bit more about what NTV offer and how to get the free trial. Please note, NTV is blocked in the UK and if you are found to be accessing it with a VPN you may be banned. It is available in all other countries Worldwide.

Register with NTV


​First things first, before you can get the trial you need to register your email address with them and set a password. Once you have done that you will be able to request the free trial.

When the 3 day trial has expired, you can then log on to their website using your details that you already set and choose a package that suits you.

The NTV Packages

​They have several different packages designed to suit your budget. The prices also vary depending on the platform you choose. They have different packages for each platform too.

The free trial gives you access to the Ultimate package which is their most expensive option. This package has channels from UK, USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Australia and a few others.

Summary of Packages and Prices

Below is a list of the packages and the platforms they can be accessed from. They also have a 14 day Catch Up on selected channels but this can only be used on a MAG box subscription.



price / month


Web, Kodi, Android, iOS



Web, Kodi, Android, iOS, MAG



Web, Kodi, Android, iOS



Web, Kodi, Android, iOS, MAG



Web, Kodi, Android, iOS



Web, Kodi, Android, iOS, MAG


Sports + HD

Web, Kodi, Android, iOS


Sports + HD

Web, Kodi, Android, iOS, MAG


Summary of Channels


The channels in the English package are 200+ and mainly consist of UK channels like the freeview channels plus Sky Premium channels. This is the package I subscribe to and it includes movies, documentaries, sports, news, etc. HD channels are also included.

The Ultimate package includes all the channels in the English package plus channels from Scandinavia including Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The Sports + HD package is pretty self-explanatory and only includes sports channels. Similarly, the Scandinavian package contains channels from Scandinavia only.

The Platforms explained


This means you can access the service using an internet browser or an app. NTV is compatible with any browser, internet explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.

It's a simple case of logging onto the NTV website and accessing the live channels. This platform starts at €14.95 per month and can also be used with all other subscriptions.


NTV have their own Kodi addon so you could effectively use it inside Kodi. I have tried and tested it with the Kodi addon but I find it's not the best way to watch. It did buffer quite frequently but I'm not surprised at this.

Kodi recommends a minimum internet speed of 10Mb/s so this could have a bearing on it. The STB emulator (Android/iOS platform) performs much better than the Kodi option. Starts at €14.95 per month.

Kodi is free software which gives you access to live TV channels and VOD content via links contained in addons (apps). 

Android and iOS

If you want to use it on an app for Android or iOS device you will need to add a STB (set top box) emulator. The one I use is called Matrix Brower. For Android, you can download this from the Google Play Store for free.

Android TV boxes can also be used with this platform. The prices start at €14.95 similar to the two previous options.


The MAG box subscriptions start at €29.95 for the English package and will give you access to the other platforms too. So in effect, you could subscribe to this plan, watch it on your MAG TV box at home and when you go out you could access it on your mobile device or tablet via the STB emulator or internet browser.

The MAG boxes can be bought on Amazon and they currently have 3 models. The MAG 250, 254 and 256 with the latter having the fastest processor. Some also have built-in wireless and these are generally suffixed with "w1".

I always hard-wire via Ethernet since it is a faster and more stable connection than compared to WiFi. When you sign up to a MAG subscription you can also access the 14 day catch up and the on-demand video library.

Wrap Up

I have tried several other IPTV suppliers like UKTVForYou, FabIPTV and IPTV Wizard but I still cannot see past the consistency and quality of NTV.

Sure, it's not 100% perfect and you may get issues from time to time but this happens with all IPTV providers. NTV just seem to be a bit more stable.

If you would like this Free Trial with my IPTV supplier, please contact me and I can get you set up with the trial. To get the trial on the MAG box I need your MAC address after you have added the NTV Portal URL, which I will give to you when you contact me.

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6 thoughts on “Best IPTV Free Trial | Test NTV Ultimate Version Over 3 Days

  1. Yvonne

    Hi Craig,

    Does the English package include shows like Game of Thrones? Are the channels from the English channels mostly UK programs?

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Yvonne,

      Yes you can get Game of Thrones of course! The English package consists of mainly UK for sports but movie channels from UK, USA and Canada. They do have sports from these countries too but there’s more from UK.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Mr. Progress

    Hi Craig! I have always been really interested in BBC programs and show, but was never able to fully watch the channels in my country. I am probably going to try to use your advice in this way if you don’t mind. 😉 Thanks for the article!

    1. Craig Post author


      Glad you help. You get all the BBC channels and a lot more! BBC are restricted by geography but with NTV there are no restrictions.


  3. Steven

    What an awesome service. Quite amazed about all the Scandinavian Channels too, since your site focuses on UK TV. So I am definitely looking into this service as soon as my bigger bandwidth line arrives.
    Probably its cheaper to get all UK and Scandinavian channels via NTV instead of paying several accounts in Scandinavia (Norway) for individual TV services.

    Will BBC etc also work here in Norway?


    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Steven,

      Yes the 3 day trial is excellent. 24 hours is usually all that’s on offer with other IPTV providers. The more bandwidth the better, but the beauty of this service is it will run well on lower internet speeds.

      NTV only recommend 3Mb/s for SD and 5Mb/s for HD but I would advise a minimum of 10Mb/s since the internet connections can sometimes fluctuate up or down.

      Contact me when you are ready for the trial.

      – Craig

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