Best IPTV for Sky Sports with a 14 day Catch Up Service

By | October 19, 2017

Finding the right TV service can be difficult. I've tried several but I believe I have found the #1 IPTV for Sky Sports in SD and HD with Catch Up too.

I first bought my MAG TV box in July 2016 with a view to signing up to an IPTV provider. At first everything was great and then after a while the quality went downhill.

It started freezing during live football matches on Sky Sports and BT Sport. I had been through this before with Kodi but that was free! I was paying for this IPTV service so I was left feeling a bit disappointed.

In the end I didn't continue my subscription and went on the search for other IPTV providers. I have tried quite a lot since then but I think I've finally found one that is decent quality and consistent. Plus, you can get a 3 day free trial.

Who are NTV?


You've probably never heard of them. They are not very well known from what I can gather. I can't even remember how I stumbled upon them but I'm glad I did! NTV are based in Gibraltar and they have been around since 2012.

They are not the cheapest but after trying so many other IPTV providers, I am happy to pay a bit extra for better quality reception when watching Sky or other live channels.

I've even read reviews of so-called fantastic IPTV services claiming to be the best but after signing up with them I wasn't overly impressed. Sure, they may have been cheaper but what's the point of paying for something that isn't very good?

I can watch crap quality streams on Kodi for free, but that's another story. Check out my video below which shows the quality for the live streams.

So, How Much are NTV Subscriptions?


The cheapest package is €14.95 / month which sounds reasonable. But, that doesn't come with the 14 day catch up feature. To get access to that you have to take the MAG TV subscription which starts at €29.95 / month.

Living in Malaysia means I am 7 hours ahead of the UK (soon to be 8 hours). This makes it difficult to watch some live football on Sky Sports so the catch up service is quite important for me. For that reason, I subscribe to the MAG TV sub with the English package. This gives me access to more than 200 premium channels.

You can use the €14.95 package on an Android TV box if you install a STB emulator. I use Matrix Browser on my Galaxy Tab and it works well. You can download for free on Google Play Store. Oh, if you do sign up to a MAG subscription you can also use it on an Android device with the same account.

3 Day FREE Trial

You don't have to take 2 subscriptions but it can only be used on one MAG box. If you would like a 3 day free trial please register for free and then contact me. You just need to add your email address and password to register. Phone number is optional.

The Sky Sports Channels

Sky recently changed the names of all their sports channels from Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 etc. to a more definitive name. Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, etc. are now what you can expect.

NTV have these of course and they also have them on catch up. That's every single program recorded for the previous 14 days and ready to watch on demand!

A lot of IPTV providers have catch up but most of them only go back 7 days. I've also found that a lot of programs are missing with some IPTV providers. NTV are pretty consistent here and I haven't had any missing files (touch wood).

To watch the Sky Sports channels on catch up it's a simple case of pressing the right button on the remote to access all of the recorded programs. There is a full guide with descriptions for each program and times when they aired.

Other Main Features

With the MAG box you also get other services. Obviously the live TV is the main reason for subscribing but they also have an extensive Video Library which has VOD content for TV shows and movies.

You can access a Radio library too with stations from the UK. I don't use this much but it's good to have. As well as sports, the other genres include documentaries, movies, adult, news, music, kids, etc.

They also have Sky Sports HD and other high definition channels like BT Sport. I tend to use the SD channels since the HD channels use more bandwidth. I don't have the best internet here in Malaysia so I have to box clever but NTV works great and I use it as my main TV system.

IPTV Requirements

The biggest requirement is a stable internet connection. You don't need lightning fast and the minimum recommended speed is only 3Mb/s for SD channels. NTV also recommend 5Mb/s for HD channels but in my experience that's not enough.

I wouldn't recommend anything less than 10Mb/s for a good user experience. I have 30Mb/s here in Malaysia but it isn't fiber optic unfortunately. If you have fiber optic then even better.

As far as hardware goes, they support various platforms including iOS, Android, Internet Explorer (Web), MAG box and Kodi. They have their own Kodi addon but I would recommend using a STB emulator before Kodi. It's faster and you get better quality streams.

If you are interested in buying a MAG TV box they are available on Amazon. The old model is called MAG 250 and they have MAG 254 and 256, the latter is the newest model with a faster processor.

The older MAG 254 boxes don't have built-in wireless so they should be hard-wired by Ethernet, which is a faster and more stable connection anyway.

Incidentally, the MAG subscription with NTV is blocked in the UK but works in every other country. I haven't tested this but NTV sales team have told me it won't work in UK.

Wrap Up

I hope this has given you some kind of idea about the NTV IPTV service for Sky Sports and other premium channels. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line from my contact page.

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