Best Channel Four Catch Up and On Demand Service for 2018

By | February 27, 2018

​If you are outside of the UK the official Channel Four Catch Up service will be blocked. With our on demand service you can access your favorite content and we have programs recorded going back 14 days. There is no need to download and watch offline like the All 4 on demand service.​

Channel Four is great and hugely popular by Brits at home and also overseas. The All 4 on demand TV service allows you to watch catch up but only if you are in the UK.

If you are traveling overseas you need to download it and watch offline. Downloading content to watch offline is okay if you are on the plane but to download content and take overseas on a long trip can be a bit of a pain.

If you live overseas then you would have to use a good VPN to access the All 4 service. This is fine, but this can also be frustrating if you only use it for one or two things. The service I am going to tell you about does not need a VPN and you can use it as your main TV system, effectively replacing any cable or satellite system.

I replaced mine, you can too!

On Demand Content and Best Catch Up

​This TV service is delivered over the internet and is more commonly known as IPTV​ (Internet Protocol Television). Don't be put off by this, IPTV is now very common in overseas countries.

In South East Asia it's more or less the No. 1 way of delivering TV broadcasts. Internet speeds have improved dramatically over the years with the advent of fiber optic and faster data transfer rates.

You can even get a Free 2 Day Trial to test it. 

14 Day Catch Up

Channel Four is one of the channels included in the 14 day catch up section and is available in SD and HD quality. Every program is automatically recorded and stored on the servers to watch any time you want.

You will be able to access it via your remote which opens the EPG (Electronic Program Guide). From here, it's a simple case of selecting the program you want to watch and pressing Okay on the remote.

There is also a Time-Shift feature so you can pause, rewind or fast-forward. There is no need to spend hours downloading content over the internet and copying to other devices.

On Demand Content

​In addition to the 14 day catch up, there is also an On Demand section which is included in the package. This has more than 72,000 titles available for you to watch any time you want. You no longer need a Netflix​ or Amazon Prime subscription.

The content gets updated 5 days per week when new content becomes available. Not every program on Channel Four is added to this library but you will find a lot of the programs are there. This is never deleted. It is always there for you to watch.

Channel Four Live

​Yup, Channel Four is also available as a Live TV Channel and can be viewed in SD or HD quality. Depending on the package you have, you can have up to 600+ Live TV channels plus all the catch up and on demand content.

This is the beauty of the catch up. If you are in a different timezone and can't watch the Live Channel you can watch it the following day. It will be available for 14 days.

Other Features

There is a Radio Club section plus Karaoke and Audio Club. If you miss UK Radio you can choose from several stations and run it through your TV. The Audio Club has more than 300 albums to choose from.

Replace your Expensive Cable TV

​I replaced mine so why can't you? When you see the quality of this IPTV service you will be wishing you had found it before. When I discovered how good it was in 2016 I canceled my cable TV.

I was paying more than $60 per month and now I pay a lot less and get my favorite TV from UK, USA, Canada, etc.

Prices and Packages

​There are packages designed to suit all budgets. Remember, you are replacing your existing TV subscription with this service. This is a complete TV package which includes all your favorite channels for movies, sports, TV shows, documentaries, kids, adult section and news.

Android/iOS Devices - €16.95 p/month

The Android/iOS package contains 550+ Live Channels and has access to VOD (Video On Demand). There is no catch up with Android or iOS and you must install Stalker TV App by infomir. You can download this from Play Store or iTunes Store.

It must be the official version not the Lite version. This can be installed on any Android TV box​ and connected to your TV effectively turning it into a Smart TV.

MAG TV Box and Smart TV - from €19.95 / month

​All other packages are designed for MAG TV box​ and Smart TV. The catch up is available on these devices plus all the VOD content and all the other features.

Prices start from €19.95 and you can choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Full channel lists and prices are available on request.

For Smart TV you must use Smart STB App and it can only be used on Samsung or LG TV. We can send installation details on request. You need to register on their website for the Smart STB trial which lasts for 7 days.


We are so confident you will love this brand new TV system, we are giving away 2 day trials for you to test it yourself. You are under no obligation to buy after the trial has expired.

Internet Requirements

Here's the good news. You don't need lightning fast internet. We recommend a minimum of 10Mb/s and hard-wiring it to your router will give you a more stable IPTV service​. This is similar requirements to Kodi​ for streaming live TV.

If you can get fiber optic even better but it's not a pre-requisite. I was previously using 15Mb/s over a telephone connection point and it was fine.

This system is delivered over the internet so there are many factors than can affect performance but this service is well known for being one of the more stable services for IPTV.

All 4 On Demand

​This is Channel Four's own catch up service but restricted to UK only for live streaming. It was previously called 4oD (Four On Demand) and some people still call it by its old name.

They recommend at least 2Mb/s or Broadband which is similar to Netlfix. Again, many factors can affect internet speed so always aim for higher speed from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

You can use the All 4 App on Samsung, Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs. It can also be used on a Roku Player and Sky's Now TV box but again, UK restrictions apply. Using a VPN can bypass these restrictions if you are overseas.

Cheapest VPN

If you are not interested in this complete TV service that I use then you access All 4 with a VPN. PureVPN is available to download from the Play Store and is compatible with all the popular devices.

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Channel Four Highlights


​I remember sitting up until midnight when Channel Four came online in 1982. It was an exciting time in the UK as we only had 3 terrestrial channels then. Channel Four was different and a lot more liberal.

Some of the early shows included Brookside which was like the Liverpool soap version of Eastenders or Coronation Street. We also had the game show Countdown with Richard Whitely and Carol Vorderman.

Nowadays Channel 4 looks a bit different but here are some of my highlights from recent years.

Father Ted

​Aired: 1995 to 1998

​Written by Graham Linehan​ and Arthur Mathews​ this Irish comedy show really took the UK by storm. It was also shown in Ireland and Australia for a total of 25 Episodes.

The show featured Father Ted Crilly alongside Father Dougal and Father Jack. It was somwewhat controversial due to the language and references especially when relating to the Catholic Church in Ireland.

It received many BAFTA Awards and still remains popular to this day. 

The Inbetweeners

​Aired: 2008 to 2010

A group of friends growing up in England and their friendship through adolescence and failed relationships with girls. It was so popular they released a movie in 2011 and followed it up with a sequel in 2014.

A U.S. version aired on MTV in 2012 but only lasted for one season. Sometimes British humor doesn't stretch across to the other side of the Atlantic. It was certainly the case with the Inbetweeners.

Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere

​Aired: 2004

​If you're a fan of Phoenix Nights you probably loved this. Although there was only 6 x 30 minute episodes it still makes me laugh to this day.

Max and Paddy (Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness) are the two bouncers from Phoenix Nights and this show focusses on them driving across the UK in their camper van getting up to all sorts of antics.

Prepare yourself for British comedy at its best.

Wrap Up

Please note, this Channel Four Catch Up service doesn't work in the UK. However, if you are overseas you can benefit from this and easily replace your existing TV subscription.

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