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By | March 1, 2018

Missed a few episodes? Our BBC1 Catch Up for Eastenders covers the last 14 days plus we have an On Demand section showing older episodes. You will never have to mess around with BBC iPlayer again or search through YouTube looking for missed episodes.

If you're a big fan of Eastenders then you'll know that missing one single episode can really set you back big time! With BBC now restricting their catch up service to the UK only it's becoming more difficult to watch UK TV.

Previously the best way of bypassing geo-restrictions was to use a VPN. Whilst this is still a viable method, it's now becoming old hat with the advent of IPTV services - like the one I am going to tell you about!

The Catch Up Service

Every single episode automatically recorded and ready for you to watch any time you want. Providing it's in the last 14 days you can watch any Eastenders episode wherever you are in the World (except UK).

If you are in the UK the best way is to catch up on older episodes on BBC iPlayer​. However, if you are abroad then this becomes more difficult and a VPN​​ is an absolute requirement.

Free VPNs won't work so you will need a good VPN subscription with a proven track record. More on that later.

With this catch up service you don't even have to worry about recording anything. It's all done automatically and stored on the servers. You can then access it via your remote and select from a nice easy-to-use EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

How to Get Access

As long as you are outside of the UK you can access this system on various platforms. All you need is a decent internet speed (minimum 10Mb/s).

There are various ways you can use this service. Systems supported include MAG TV Box (my preferred method), Smart TV (Samsung and LG only), Android and iOS devices. You can also get a Free Trial for 2 days.



This is my recommended way of accessing any IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service. With a MAG box you even have a time-shift feature that allows you to pause, rewind and forward at your convenience.

The box is connected to your TV with HDMI cable and that's pretty much all you have to do. It's effectively a plug and play system with a simple menu that is very user friendly.


The boxes vary in price and there are different models. At the time of writing I use a MAG 322 which is one of the latest models. They also have MAG 250, 254, 256.

They can be purchased on Amazon and other online stores. If you cannot get Amazon to deliver to your country please contact me and I will help you.

Smart TV (Samsung and LG)

​If you already own a Smart TV you don't need any additional hardware. You are required to install Smart STB App from the Samsung or LG Store. The App itself is free for 7 days then you have to pay either monthly ($2.55) or a Lifetime one-off payment of approx $27. That's still pretty cheap.

You also need to regsiter on the Smart STB website and add the portal URL for the IPTV service. The Smart STB App utilizes the same menu as the MAG box and has all the same features including the catch up.

Android and iOS devices

​For these platforms you need to install Stalker TV App by Infomir. This is available to download from the Play Store​ or iTunes Store​ but it's not free. The iOS version is $5 and Android $10+ depending on your location.

With the Stalker TV App you will have access to BBC1 Live for Eastenders but not the catch up. You do get access to the On Demand library but that may not include recent episodes. You can hook up an Android box to your TV and use the service like this.

Prices and Packages

​There are different packages and prices to suit all budgets. This system can easily replace your expensive cable or satellite system so keep this in mind.

I replaced my cable subscription with the Gold package and I haven't looked back since. You don't even need Netflix​ or other on demand service because this TV system has everything you'll ever need.

  • Android/iOS €16.95 p/month for Platinum package
  • MAG TV Box / Smart TV starting at €19.95 for Bronze package

Other Features

​Of course it's not just BBC1 that you get with this TV service. There are more than 275+ English channels from UK, USA and Canada plus 100's of channels from other countries including Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Qatar and Scandinavia.

There is also an Audio club with more than 300 albums included, a Radio club with your favorite UK radio stations and there's even a Karaoke section. These are only available on a MAG TV Box and Smart TV.

How to Use BBC iPlayer with a VPN

​If you are happy watching older episodes on BBC iPlayer you can use it with a VPN and you will be able to get past any geo-restrictions when you are outside of the UK.

As I mentioned before, you do need a decent VPN subscription because the free ones won't work. This is due to lack of servers and poor maintenance.

The VPN I use to bypass restrictions is PureVPN. When outside the UK you just open the App on your device and connect to any UK server. Your IP address is then masked and you will appear to be in the UK.

Open BBC iPlayer and you will now have full access. We have teamed up with PureVPN to bring you a super offer and you can get this awesome VPN service for only $1.91 per month.

They have an App for Android and iOS devices and are compatible with Windows, MAC and other popular devices.

Best VPN Deal of the Year
from PureVPN + UKTVSA

$1.91 per month

Join the global community of 1 million plus users. This number is a testament to our dependability, availability, & the level of trust that people have on PureVPN.

Eastenders on YouTube

​You can find episodes on YouTube but beware, YouTube may have some spoilers on there too. Of course, you will need to search for episodes or scenes that you want.

This is not the best way of watching Eastenders On Demand but it can be utilized as a last resort. For legal reasons you may struggle to find complete episodes and if they do appear they are usually taken down later.

There is even an Eastenders Channel which features a lot of popular scenes. There are no full episodes though, probably for legal reasons.

Wrap Up

This article was primarily published for getting the Eastenders catch up on BBC1 but clearly this TV system can be used for many other TV shows and movies etc.

If you are in any doubt I recommend you take the free trial and test it for yourself.

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