What is the Best Arabic TV Box for USA and Worldwide?

By | January 19, 2017

If you are looking for the best Arabic TV box for USA or Worldwide, you should be wary of some sellers that are promoting 1000’s of Arabic channels using Kodi. Some of these require you to pay. The TV boxes I will recommend to you, both come shipped with 2 years of Arabic channels that are included for free.

Although this website deals primarily with UK TV services, I do write reviews for other products from time to time.

In actual fact, you will also be able to get UK TV channels on my #1 recommended TV box which comes with Kodi fully loaded. My #2 recommended IPTV box doesn’t have Kodi pre-installed.

Also, I won’t recommend products that claim to ship the boxes with Arabic TV but then just use the basic Kodi add-ons that are available.

My two recommendations include BEIN sports, MBC, ART, Al Jazeera and many more. Both have 750+ IPTV Arabic channels pre-subscribed and available in HD.


#1 Recommendation – Lool Arabic IPTV Box

 Product: Loolbox Arabic IPTVmagic-tv-box-loolbox
Price: $199.99 with FREE shipping
Best place to buy: Amazon
Product size: 8.8 x 6.1 x 3.4 inches
Weight: 2.1 lbs
Guarantee: 1 year
Customer rating: 3.8/5



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What’s included?

The Lool Arabic box comes fully loaded with 750+ channels, WiFi connectivity, 1080p resolution and a free wireless keyboard.

The Arabic channels are already subscribed for 2 years.

It also comes with Kodi pre-installed giving you the option to watch 1000’s of live channels, TV Shows, movies, documentaries, etc.

It comes with a Super G-BOX Q Key which you will need to access the Arabic IPTV channels. This works like a dongle and is slotted into the TV box.

It is also shipped with a QWERTY Rii remote, power pack and RCA cables. It displays 1080p using HDMI connection but there is no HDMI cable included so you need to supply that yourself.

The box has an Android 4.4 Quad-Core processor.

Buy the Loolbox from Amazon

I have read all customer reviews and it is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars. Delivery is within 2-arabic-iptv-box-channel-list-loolbox3 business days and comes with the Amazon Shipping guarantee.

The box is gold color as shown on the photo with 2 x external antenna. This will help with the WiFi reception since there doesn’t appear to be an Ethernet connection.

Buying from Amazon will also allow you to add 3 or 4 year protection.



#2 Recommendation – Super Arabic IPTV Box 

Product: Super Arabic IPTVarabic-tv-box-reviews-super
Price: $199.99 with FREE shipping
Best place to buy: Amazon
Product size: 8.8 x 6 x 3.2 inches
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Guarantee: 1 year
Customer rating: 3.8/5



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What’s included?

The Super Arab IPTV box also comes with 750+ Arabic channels with a free 2 year subscription service. It has WiFi and 1080p resolution support.

As you can see from the photo, the box is also gold color and has 2 x external antenna. The box is easy to set up and includes nice remote, RCA cables and a wireless keyboard.

There doesn’t appear to be a dongle with it and there are reports of some customers losing one channel each month.

Once the 2 year subscription has ended it will cost you $60 per year to maintain all of the channels.

Buy the Super Arabic box from Amazon

There are a lot more customer reviews on Amazon for the Super Arabic box and quite a few of them are negative comments.arabic-iptv-box-channel-list-loolbox

There are complaints of the box freezing and one of them even had scratches on the top of the casing.

Customer service doesn’t get good reviews with reports of people being blocked from their Facebook page for leaving bad comments or reviews.

Not all reviews are bad of course, that’s why it has a 3.8 rating from the customers.

You can get the same additional warranty extensions of 3 or 4 years, same as the Loolbox.




Both of these TV boxes are the same price and offer the same product more or less. However, the best Arabic box for USA and Worldwide would definitely be my #1 recommendation, the Looklbox, since this one also has Kodi installed.

If you are not sure what Kodi does, you can check out a recent article that I published. It details how Kodi works and how to use it after it is installed. There’s a couple of videos on the article too.

The IPTV subscription service offers good value for money. I have service with NTV which provides me with over 200 channels from UK, USA and Canada, for only €29 monthly.

The IPTV channels are buffer free and HD quality.

You can check the NTV packages here.


Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this article useful.

Please leave any comments below.

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  1. simon

    A very good, detailed and informative post you have here, it was really easy to read the post although what is the best Arabic TV box for the USA has no relevance to me personally (as I am from the UK and do not speak Arabic!) I never the less found myself reading all of it so well done my friend!

  2. Jaco du Toit

    Very useful indeed. Watching TV is one of my favourite pastimes and the UK has excellent channels. Will be looking into getting this box next time the wife drags me to Germany.


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