5 Best Ways to Watch Sky Sports Outside of UK in 2017

By | July 18, 2017


This year promises to be a challenging one for armchair Sports fans overseas. If you are trying to watch Sky Sports outside of UK, check out these options.

There are several ways to watch your favorite Sky Sports channels when you are abroad. This was the main reason for me creating this business. I wanted to help fellow expats and share the best ways of watching UK TV.

Before we get started, in no way am I condoning the use of illegal streams. I am merely pointing out the different ways it is possible to access them.

These options will be numbered by preference, with #1 being my favorite method of watching Sky Sports abroad.

Clicking on each one below will take you straight to that chapter, or continue reading.

The 5 Best Ways to get Sky Sports when you are Abroad:

  1. Sky Sports with paid IPTV Subscription on MAG TV Box
  2. Sky Sports with paid IPTV Subscription on IPTV app
  3. Watch Sky Sports Abroad on Kodi
  4. Sky Go with VPN
  5. Sky Sports on Slingbox

1) Sky Sports with paid IPTV Subscription on MAG TV Box

When I came across an IPTV subscription it was the catalyst for this website. I realised I could finally watch Sky Sports live without any buffering. Plus, I could do this easily by hooking up a MAG TV box to my TV.

Living overseas and trying to watch Sky Sports or any UK channel was always a bit of a bind. I would have paid virtually anything for a high quality service but I soon found out that to get Sky overseas was even cheaper than the UK.

The process is very easy.

  • Buy a MAG TV box
  • Register with the IPTV supplier
  • Add the Portal URL to the box
  • Get a FREE 3 day trial

It’s that simple. The MAG TV box is connected to the TV via HDMI cable and hard-wired to the router with an Ethernet cable. When I bought mine there was no wireless devices available but now you can buy a MAG box which also has built-in WiFi.

However, it’s always faster and more stable when you hard-wire it with LAN. My IPTV supplier is NTV and they have a nice easy-to-use menu plus a 14 day catch up service on selected channels (Sky Sports 1 and 2 is covered currently).


Check out my video below which shows NTV working in Malaysia. I have tried other IPTV suppliers but I always come back to NTV as they have the most stable and consistent service.

Once you have your MAG TV box you can sign up with other suppliers if NTV don’t have the channels that you are looking for. Currently they have channels from UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.



Below is a list of all NTV packages. The MAG TV box subscriptions start at €29.95 / month. This will give you access to 200+ premium channels. The Ultimate package also includes Scandinavian channels but is a bit more expensive.



Once you click on the above image you will see a Register button on their website, top right. You can register with them before ordering your MAG box. That will align you to my customer account and I can then give you the 3 day FREE trial once you get your MAG box.

You can contact me at craig@uktvservicesabroad.com for the FREE trial.

2) Sky Sports with paid IPTV Subscription on IPTV app

This is a cheaper way to get NTV but a little less effective and you don’t get access to the 14 day catch up feature. To get access to the NTV service you must first register on their website and then download a couple of apps. Here is the process for Android:

This system is supported on various platforms including Android, iOS and Kodi. NTV have their own Kodi add-on but the IPTV player (Matrix browser) is more effective. If you have an Android TV box you can connect to your TV.

==>See my Top 5 Android Box Recommendations<==

This package will also allow you to watch via your internet browser whilst online if you prefer that. You can do either. Incidentally the MAG TV subscription will allow to access the above too. Prices start at €14.95 / month for this package.

3) Watch Sky Sports Abroad on Kodi

The No. 2 option above allows you to watch Sky Sports via Kodi with NTV but this 3rd option will focus on using Kodi to get Sky Sports free of charge. Please be aware that add-ons that support this option are being closed down due to the legal issues surrounding Kodi.

Other add-ons are popping up just as fast of course but this way of watching Sky Sports abroad is becoming more difficult. The best way to get access is by installing a Kodi Build that includes these add-ons and channels.

The best one I have found is Cosmic Saints. This will install a customised Kodi Build that has nice, easy-to-use menus with access to popular add-ons including live TV channels.

The process is defined below for the Ares source:

  • Start Kodi v17
  • Go to Settings gear button on top left
  • Click on File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Enter http://ares-project.com/magic in the top box then click OK
  • Now give it a logical name like ARES or similar then press OK
  • Go back to Kodi home screen by pressing the Escape button a few times
  • Click on Add-ons on left sidebar
  • Go to Install from ZIP file
  • Choose the source you just added ARES and then repository.aresproject
  • Select the ZIP file
  • You should get a notification on your screen that it has been enabled
  • Go back to Kodi home screen and select Add-ons again
  • Go to Program Add-ons and click on the Ares Wizard
  • Select Open
  • Choose the Browse Builds button (you may have to enter a PIN but just click on Get PIN)
  • Choose the Cosmic Saints build and install



You will be prompted to restart Kodi and upon re-entry you should have the new Cosmic Saints Kodi Build.

4) Sky Go with VPN

This option will allow you to access your Sky account via the Sky Go app which should be downloaded from the Play Store. Of course, you must already be a Sky TV subscriber and have Sky Sports as part of your UK subscription. This app can also be downloaded from iTunes Store of course.

However, this will be geo-resticted to the UK so in order to use it you must first connect to a VPN. Not all VPNs will work and the free ones will definitely not work. This is due to lack of servers and most of them have limited bandwidth anyway.

One VPN that definitely works is my #1 recommended VPN which is PureVPN. When you open the PureVPN app you should connect to their UK server before opening Sky Go.

When you join PureVPN you can also use it with Kodi and on all of your devices up to a maximum of 5. This way of watching Sky Sports outside the UK is okay but you may experience buffering and the quality won’t be as good as my other alternatives above.

At the moment you can get PureVPN for only $2.95 / month. Click here to see this offer.

5) Sky Sports on Slingbox

This is my least preferred method and it involves buying a Slingbox and having a Sky Sports subscription. The Slingbox is connected to your Sky box in the UK and connected to the same wireless network.

You can then install Slingplayer on your device and access your Sky TV from outside of the UK. However, you can only watch one channel at a time and if you have people in your UK location/house trying to watch other channels it won’t work.

They would have to watch whichever channel you select and vice versa.

Wrap Up

I hope these options help you to watch Sky Sports outside of UK. If you found this article useful why not share it?


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3 thoughts on “5 Best Ways to Watch Sky Sports Outside of UK in 2017

  1. John Vine

    What an interesting and well-explained article. I have been expat for many years and have struggled to get access to test cricket, so can appreciate where you are coming from. I used to use a sky subscription, but am no longer prepared to support a Murdoch-owned business. I have had some luck with paid subscriptions to ESPN and Cricket Gateway, using a vpn, but sometimes find it is not really worth all the hassle. This is my first view of your site, so I look forward to learning more about this increasingly complicated world of streamed TV.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi John, thanks for the feedback. I can sympathize with you, I’ve been away from the UK since 1997 and been struggling to watch Live UK TV for a number of years. That is, until now. The paid IPTV service has changed everything for me. My wife is from Philippines and she loves the NTV system too. It has everything, from music to movies, kids TV, etc. A VPN is still a viable option but I use it mainly with Kodi. Previously I used it to access BBC iPlayer but with Kodi and NTV this is no longer required.
      Cheers, Craig.

  2. Karin

    Hi Craig

    Your article is full of information. I would love to spend some time out of the USA and live in central or south America. I’ve vacationed overseas and never thought much about watching American TV channels because I thought I’d watch them when I get home. But when living overseas, that will be a whole different ballgame. I am sure after a while I would miss some American TV channels. I saw the MAg TV on Amazon and it’s had some good reviews. This will be something to look into when I start my new life chapter overseas.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Karin, thanks for visiting my site and leaving some feedback. NTV have quite a good selection of channels from the States so I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. The MAG Box is merely a portal to get the channels but it is designed for IPTV so it handles it better than most Android media players. The Android devices are not just for TV so they tend to have a lot of processes going on at one time but the MAG box doesn’t do much else except deliver TV over the internet.
      Cheers, Craig.

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